What happened to the blue deal? Bandai Namco Anime MMORPG Game of Silence

What happened to the blue deal? Bandai Namco Anime MMORPG Game of Silence

First officially announced in mid-2019, Blue Protocol is a brand new anime-style MMORPG game project that immediately garnered a lot of attention and created its own small community base. Developed by “Project Sky Blue”, which is a collaboration between Bandai Namco Online and the main team of Bandai Namco Studios, unfortunately, the game is still in a state of curious fear of canceling the project.

This reaction is normal, as the game has remained silent since its first closed beta two years ago. So, what is the real reason behind this uncertainty? Having trouble with Blue Protocol development? The answer itself is known to no one but the developers, but it is clear that at this point they are still actively developing the game and there are no signs of project cancellations or anything like that.

Blue Protocol itself has gone through the Closed Alpha and Closed Beta stages and it’s going well, especially how they’ve gained the attention of many Westland players who can join without encountering many issues. Even so, the developers are releasing some updates in 2021, one of which is a collaboration with the famous rock band L’Arc-en-Ciel to fill in the game’s theme song “Mirai”. After the update, Bandai also held a demo in late October 2021 to showcase its AI gaming technology.

It doesn’t look like much, but at least the update is enough to show that Blue Protocol is still around. If one has to speculate, this might include the way the developers approached the project. It’s not uncommon for developers, especially in Japan, to choose to share information when the time is right, so in Blue Protocol’s case, they may already have their own rollout plans and are just waiting for a timeline.

MMOPRG is also a game that needs extra attention in development, especially since the developers have to really be able to create a play space for a large community. With so many customization mechanisms, features, server qualities, content support roadmaps, and more, expectations must be met. Competition is especially fierce in the MMORPG space today, with Final Fantasy XIV being a huge success, so Bandai may want to focus more on Blue Protocol and make sure it’s of commensurate quality. However, early impressions are important to ensure the game’s relevance and its long-term survival potential.

What happened to the blue deal? Bandai Namco Anime MMORPG Game of Silence

Blue Protocol itself has only been confirmed for a Japan release, but we found out that Smilegate has been in discussions with Bandai to be able to release the game in Korea. In addition, there is confirmation that the game will be released in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau in the future. While not including the global version, at least this expansion plan is enough to be the basic foundation for building a bigger hype to bring the game to more servers.

All of the above information aside, we obviously can’t say for sure when the Blue Protocol will be on display again. If you had to predict again, Tokyo Game Show 2022 might be the perfect time to promote the game again, especially since there are plans to make it a physical event.

You can monitor the latest developments about this game on the official website later here.


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