Welcome to Ragnarok, PlayStation releases previous video story recap game

Welcome to Ragnarok, PlayStation releases previous video story recap game

Ragnarok’s lack of gameplay left many fans unable to wait, especially knowing that the game itself will release in November. In conjunction with the welcome release, Sony Interactive Entertainment has uploaded a video trailer for “The Myth of Midgard” via the PlayStation YouTube channel, packaged in a story recap/story summary format from the original game God of War (2018).

The nearly seven-minute video is narrated by Felicia Day, accompanied by Mimir. Felicia happens to be one of our favorite actresses in the supernatural movie series, she’s also an active gamer, and has adapted her story into a comedy web series called The Guild. Going back to the story summary video, this time the format is packaged in typical storybook illustrations rather than using game cutscenes. Don’t be curious, you can just watch the video below:

We certainly highly recommend watching it to anyone who is waiting for Ragnarok, including those who may have forgotten the story of the first game. In addition to being of a shorter duration than most other review videos, the presentation and pacing presented is also easier to follow.

Ragnarok itself will tell the story years after the original game. This time, Kratos and his sons Atrues and Mimir will once again face an epic adventure in the land of Midgard, with an even bigger threat. The combat aspect of the game is also a major focus for the developers, allowing players to feel the greatest thrill while fighting, whether it’s weapon selection or more brutal skills.

Ragnarok will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on November 9. For more information on pre-orders and game details, you can visit the official website. here. We also briefly summarize the full details about the pre-orders you can check out . here.

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