Warframe developers create new MMORPG game – Soulframe

Warframe developers create new MMORPG game – Soulframe

For those of you who have played games on at least PC, you must know very well a game called Warframe developed by Digital Extremes. Even without the crazy promotions, the game can be said to be a decent success. Not only that, but the developers have also prepared a new game called Soulframe.

Digital Extremes is official Announce Soulframe, an MMORPG game, is free to play, which means free to play. Unfortunately, no platform has been announced yet.

Soulframe is a game with an open world concept where players can explore places that focus on the environment and restore nature. Unlike Warframe, which focuses on “shooting combat,” this game takes a different approach, focusing on “melee combat.”

Digital Extremes’ latest game, which does focus on close combat and slow-paced gameplay, might make many feel like they’re imitating FromSoftware’s hit Elden Ring. Even so, the developers made sure the game was original and didn’t follow the game as gamers expected.

As of now, the game is still in development, and there are no further details on the release schedule or platform.In addition, Digital Extremes remains focused on production Warframe Mobile. So new games may take a long time to release.


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