Vanaris Tactics Review – A “light” version of FF Tactics from Country Kids

Vanaris Tactics Review – A “light” version of FF Tactics from Country Kids

Games from local developers are indeed becoming more diverse as various unique genres grow. One of the homegrown game companies that regularly releases games for children across the country is Toge Productions, which has officially released Vanaris Tactics by indie developer Matheus Reis, which we’ll be reviewing in this article.

Vanaris Tactics is a tactical RPG that, at first glance, does seem to draw strong inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics. Does the game really offer the same thrill or more? In this article, we’ll review Vanaris Tactics after trying it out. let’s see!

Easier, keep your brain!

As a tactical RPG, Vanaris Tactics will of course require the player to use their brains to win every battle, just like its inspiration, Final Fantasy Tactics. However, we feel that the gameplay mechanics of this game seem to be simpler.

Vanaris Tactics Review – A “light” version of FF Tactics from Country Kids

Honestly, even though the game is a tactical RPG, we really have no problem if the game is as simple as possible. The gameplay is fairly simple and easy to understand, mechanics such as the character’s position will determine the damage, with more damage if attacked from behind.

Also, I really like the “RNG” system provided in the game. I don’t have to worry about being seriously injured because it rarely happens. Rarely misses the damage to the opponent. The system is not completely eliminated, but the minimal RNG impression is very good.

Vanaris Tactics Review – A “light” version of FF Tactics from Country Kids

This simplified gameplay is one of the strengths I can find in Vanaris Tactics. At the very least this can interest new players who want to try the genre without getting dizzy with the various things or terms in the very broad tactical genre.

However, the simple gameplay can actually be a boomerang, especially those who are already experienced and have played games such as Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics, of course they will feel bored, because “too easy”, no difficulty, the game is more exciting , but ended up being boring.

A class system that feels ordinary but is actually quite fun

The game doesn’t have a class system that can be changed, but in my opinion, it makes every class in Vanaris Tactics feel unique. No one class can do everything, and each class has its own uniqueness and purpose. So you have to identify and use the best class based on its functionality.

Vanaris Tactics Review – A “light” version of FF Tactics from Country Kids

For example, I really like using the spellcaster class. This class cannot use any weapons, it can only use unique abilities in the form of magical attacks. Instead, it has morbid attack power and high mobility. It’s very exciting to set it up to not get hit while being able to drain the opponent.

Because the game’s difficulty increases as the story progresses, it’s important to understand each class here. Although there is still a simple impression, this game still requires you to use your “brain” to read the battle situation and understand some things in order to conquer the game.

Casual Storyline

Simple as it may seem, Vanaris Tactics still provides a storyline. Without spoilers, the game’s story is easy to understand, knowing that it’s set in colonization – characters will talk about how they were basically colonized, regretting the loss of their freedom, and even the loss of their religious freedom. For those living in developing countries like Indonesia, you can definitely “feel” their feelings because they have learned from history.

Vanaris Tactics Review – A “light” version of FF Tactics from Country Kids

You’ll play as a family member fleeing a ruthless empire, traveling from city to city to take on new members of your resistance. You can go back to some areas to fight again, and there are some secret team members you can recruit. Because the storyline is easy to understand and seems repetitive, we felt that Vanaris Tactics had a light storyline.

in conclusion

Overall, we really liked what Vanaris Tactics presented. We never imagined the game would have such complex gameplay as Final Fantasy Tactics. The simple casual impression provided can make someone who has never been exposed to the tactical genre interested in trying it out. However, we can’t guarantee that hardcore tactical gamers will enjoy Vanaris Tactics.

Vanaris Tactics is packaged into a game ready to show players a variety of unique characters with special skills and their own stories. By uniting these disparate characters in one unit, you can engage in battles that require strategic thinking. So actually the game actually still offers the level of excitement it has as a tactical game.

The Vanaris Tactics we reviewed is now available on PC via PC steam. If you want to try it first, the game happens to release a prologue section that you can download for free and play right away.

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Vanaris tactics


  • Beautiful classic visuals
  • Simple gameplay, easy for novices to understand
  • wonderful class system


  • Gameplay feels boring for veterans of the tactical genre