16 August 2022

A few months ago, before accepting an extension, I had the opportunity to watch Two Point Campus, Two Point Studio’s latest simulation game, for a few hours. During that preview opportunity, it was clear to me that this was going to be a pretty fun game, as an efficient simulation system with a lot of depth paves the way for little untapped creativity in the hands of players. But that’s only from a few hours of gameplay. Now that I have unlimited access to the game, and have spent a lot of time building the quirky and wacky campus in Two Point County, with spoiler warning, it’s clear this is going to be a great title.

Anyone who has played Two Point Hospital will have a good idea of ​​what the game has to offer. Of course, the concept brings the hospital together with the university, but the concept remains the same. In the activities section, you have to travel around Two Point County to build a custom campus. Whether that means heading to Noblestead to build a school for the lovable knight, or conversely going to Blundergrad to train the next generation of spies and espionage experts. The scope of the game is wide, but handled in such a way that you’re free to sprinkle a little personal touch here and there.

For example, the overarching concept of Mitton University’s mission revolves around robotics, as the historic site aims to capitalize on the technological boom to reinvent itself — like many true historic universities around the world. With this, you will have to complete various challenges around this target topic, such as making sure the site has a functioning robotics lab and enough robotics teachers, etc. The problem is that you have to do all of this while taking into account various other simulation systems such as cleanliness, student well-being and student achievement because the way income is generated at two point campuses is from the academic success of your subjects – They can’t do it without proper facilities and relaxation after a long day. Assuming you’ve got all this under control and your students are getting good grades, you can use the extra cash to offer clubs or start other courses on the same site, which means Milton University, known for its robotics department. Well, it could also be a training ground for clowns or wizards in Two Point County.

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two o'clock campustwo o'clock campus

Needless to say, normality isn’t really on par with this game due to the conflicting possibilities of lessons and exploration. The classes themselves are whimsical and whimsical, and you have to build the arena for knights, potions labs for wizards, kitchens for chefs, and science labs for scientists. Considering this formation, the students are also a strange group of people. Between goths and dark wizards, spies and musicians, sportsmen, punks, archaeologists, chefs and rebels, you’ll have an unusual group of students to draw from, which is why the building kit is also very spacious.

You can literally customize each campus to the best details, this includes things like having to place radiators at campus locations in cooler parts of Two Point County (such as Mitton University), or having to make sure there are enough machines. Automatic Vending machines and food stalls provide food for your students. Add to that the drip facilities around campus, whether it’s showers and toilets, hand sanitizer stations, trash cans, or even making sure you have enough dorms to get more students into your campus so you can make money. You even have to hire/train doormen to serve as occasional security guards, all to be able to counter attacks from nearby hostile schools. There’s really a lot to deal with, but it all comes together in a manageable and fairly intuitive way.

So if you skew your assessments, start to skimp on your subject requirements or don’t build the right facilities and rooms, you’ll start to see slipping grades and a drop in well-being, which affects campus status and recognition, and will see Fewer students want to participate, so less money comes in. This can happen quickly, which is why Two Point Studios offers a way to pause (or even speed up the game) so usefully so you can take your time to plan and strategize.

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two o'clock campus

Sandbox mode is available for those looking for a more creative way to play unencumbered by quests and challenges. The problem is that you have to get one of three stars on several different campuses to unlock it. But once done, you can enter a mode that is not limited by money and other constraints – meaning you can unleash your creative potential and truly build the university of your dreams. Sandbox even has a more difficult mode called Challenge, which puts more emphasis on finances etc.

Overall, the Two Point Campus really impressed me. It’s not the most engaging game out there, but it’s super easy to pick up, a lot of fun, and really captures what it’s like to be back in college – PBS and radio stations stupidly help with gameplay to make sure you have Engaging audio to match a wide range of game systems, as well as vivid and often goofy visuals and scenes. Two Point Studios knows how to make fun simulation games. We know this from Two Point Hospital. If one thing the two-point campus has done is make it clear that the studio wants to establish itself as a genre leader in the industry.