Try the Park Beyond Demo – Let’s create an unreasonable playground

Try the Park Beyond Demo – Let’s create an unreasonable playground

The simulation genre has grown faster and feels more real in the last few years. Not only are they visually realistic, “simulator” based games also need to pay attention to realistic gameplay similar to the real world in order to enjoy them more. That’s what Bandai Namco is trying to offer with Park Beyond.

Park Beyond itself is scheduled to be released in 2023 to ensure the best possible quality from developer – Limbic Entertainment. However, we first sampled the Park Beyond demo to show you how fun and authentic the game is as a playground sim. Come see the article!

Has a storyline mode

In “campaign mode” you don’t have the freedom you take for granted, because there are also tasks that must be performed, not just building playgrounds. First, you’ll meet NPCs who appear as park managers and will tell you to make roller coasters and various other entertainment at your command.

In our opinion, the campaign mode here is a great addition, as not many sims have it, and even Park Beyond offers a “storyline” for this mode. Not only enjoy the storyline, but also learn about the game mechanics that spark your imagination.

Try the Park Beyond Demo – Let’s create an unreasonable playground

For example, in Task 1, you’ll focus on learning how to make a good roller coaster. Basic stuff like how to spin, adjust height, set up loops and ramps, and various other features that most players may still be unfamiliar with. main target? Make sure visitors are entertained.

There are two types of modules available. The first is the canon module, which basically hits visitors with incredible speed right away and instantly increases the excitement with high adrenaline. You have to understand this description because you have seen it in the movie or you may have experienced it.

Try the Park Beyond Demo – Let’s create an unreasonable playground

The second module is a ramp, which actually serves the same purpose as a cannon. But the ramps here don’t throw tourists at high speed, they release tourists from one point to another, so the player has to set the correct position. If you fail, it’s very dangerous because you might fall, but if you succeed, it gives you a higher level of fun.

Sandbox mode guides the imagination

Not limited to the campaign mode, players can also use their imaginations through the provided sandbox mode. There are several things that can be used as a benchmark for sandbox mode success, not just creating an amusement park, as you have to consider various aspects such as park ratings, amazement levels, and unique impossibility features.

Try the Park Beyond Demo – Let’s create an unreasonable playground

With this mode, players can build roads for visitors to walk from one attraction to another. So without roads, none of these toys or each of these attractions can be built. The way you build the roads in the playground also affects the number of queues and how visitors walk in the best direction for each attraction.

We really appreciate how developers can provide a feature that can make each game or attraction a family, kid or teen-oriented feature. There is also the management of staff and prices, with very detailed and complex aspects such as staff salaries or prices for individual attractions.

Try the Park Beyond Demo – Let’s create an unreasonable playground

The developer himself is touting a unique Impossification feature that unfortunately we couldn’t try. However, they say the feature will provide “a special kind of fun that cannot be experienced in real-world playgrounds”. With Park Beyond with this feature, players can create an attraction beyond imagination. main target? Attract more visitors and earn as much profit as possible.

Each attraction building is not only built and used by tourists, players can also decorate it with various assets to make it look more attractive. You can add certain objects or change colors, which we think is a really nice feature.

Try the Park Beyond Demo – Let’s create an unreasonable playground

Another feature I like is the presence of Terraforming Tools, which allow players to adjust the height of the land, create mountains, build lakes or rivers, and waterfalls. This is a really nice feature because it doesn’t just focus on attractions like roller coasters, the land can also be an important aspect of this game.

in conclusion

When we tasted Park Beyond, our first impressions were very positive. That said, there are a lot of things that can be of positive value, from a campaign mode with a storyline, sophisticated micro-management features, terrain modification tools that make the game more exciting, to the uncommon Unique Impossification feature when playing the game in general saw.

However, while trying out activities and sandbox mode during the demo phase, various features are still in the working stage, we feel that it is still not optimal, plus various bugs still exist.​​​ There are visual glitches, frame rates drop, and the interface still feels lonely. Of course, everything will be fixed once Bandai Namco is released.

Park Beyond will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023.You can visit the official website here to know more information.

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