21 May 2022

Unlike most other entertainment mediums, games always offer a different experience, constantly evolving and bringing unique surprises. The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story probably fits that impression, as it’s very different from any game we’ve played before. At first glance, there must be many curious, especially after seeing how the game is packaged in an interactive Japanese film format with a touch of fun traditional flair.

Of course, there have been games with similar concepts before, and there are actually many popular games that can be mentioned. It’s just that The Hundred Years: Tale of Ishishima reminds us of Spike Chunsoft’s 428: Battle for Shibuya, which was included in the lineup of personal favorites of 2018, but with a more engaging gameplay. While waiting for the game’s release tonight, we just had the opportunity to try out the demo that Square Enix was the first to offer.

The content provided in this demo only covers the first chapter, but the overall picture quality of the game can be imagined. Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first impression of “Centennial Case: Shidao Story” below!

story plot

Story is the main attraction that has always been a priority for most games of this type, and we have to admit that there is a very evocative theme in The Hundred Years: Stone Island Story. So the game focuses on the story of a mystery novelist named Haruka Kagami, who is one day invited by his friend Eiji Shijima to investigate the research of his extended family. According to Eiji’s story, his family spent a long time learning the secrets of eternal youth and the existence of the “fruit of youth” or an immortal fruit passed down from generation to generation.

Try the Centennial Case: Shijima Story Demonstration, which is fun in many ways! Try the Centennial Case: Shijima Story Demonstration, which is fun in many ways!

Whether because of a conspiracy to compete for the fruit, Shijima’s extended family is shocked by the discovery of human remains in the gardens of their mansion, prompting Eiji to ask Haruka for help. The demo we played focused on the original murder that took place in 1922, and this is where we started to discover the original uniqueness of the game, how the story in the game is a flashback from a mystery novel set in three different ways period. So in addition to following the original Ishishima murders, you’ll be taken to another new case that takes place between 1972 and 2022.

games played

Moving on to the game section, A Century of Cases: Tales of Stone Island is packaged in a visual novel style, but with a cinematic presentation of the story. You can play this game entirely with the keyboard, as all commands have been tuned to special keys, be it pause, rewind, check various instructions or required data. Each command button and its function are also clear at a glance, allowing unfamiliar players to quickly adapt. The overall game design is really designed to be comfortable to play, one of which we appreciate, such as selecting a command for an important decision, must be long-pressed, so as not to be easily canceled by the player pressing the wrong button. button.

Try the Centennial Case: Shijima Story Demonstration, which is fun in many ways!

Once you have enough clues from the story pieces, the game takes you into a special honeycomb reasoning mode that summarizes all the clues and how you must relate them to each other to reach a conclusion. The reasoning process in this mode is divided into three parts, namely mystery, clue and hypothesis. The main mystery is already in one of the blocks, so all you have to do is find clues and place them in a specific block, and come up with a new hypothesis that automatically adds the mystery.

Try the Centennial Case: Shijima Story Demonstration, which is fun in many ways!

Since the whole process requires a strong memory, the game already provides access to movie clips, each of which always contains a different clue. In order to draw the final conclusion, your main goal is to find enough hypotheses until there is a special command button to complete the inference. While you don’t have to come up with all the assumptions to solve a case, it’s still an important weapon that can lead you to bigger clues and provide hard-to-refute facts.

So, as long as you’re still not sure about the truth of the case, it’s a good idea to gather all assumptions before taking the case to the next level. However, if assumptions even lead to wrong answers, they should also be monitored. Aside from gathering evidence and doing long-winded reasoning while enjoying the story, there are moments when you choose what you think is the most important decision, although unfortunately, aside from the difference in interaction between the two, it’s not that much of an afterthought Significantly. those roles.

Multifaceted Attraction vs Disadvantage

As connoisseurs of Japanese dramas, especially dramas like this type of reasoning, we had a feeling from the beginning that we would like “The Hundred Years of Case: The Story of Shidao”. But aside from the main story itself, the game as a whole has a lot of charm that makes us even more satisfied. Whether it is from the charming style of painting, the environment, to such a strong character acting, the interpretation of the gameplay is quite interesting, and even the first-class background music of Yuki Hayashi’s well-known works, anime My Hero Academia and haiku ! !

Try the Centennial Case: Shijima Story Demonstration, which is fun in many ways!

Of course the game isn’t entirely perfect either, as our initial impressions of the first chapter were also accompanied by rather disturbing flaws in the reasoning mode. More specifically, the position of the directive must really be adjusted to the predetermined block, so the scheme of the directive and its attachments must be arranged in such a way. So, whether you know the truth or not, an overly restrictive order placement mechanic is really a nuisance, especially at the start of the game, where the game always offers an infinite chance of trial and error so that there are no consequences.

in conclusion

Although we’ve only played one chapter, we think The Hundred Years of Case: Stone Island Story is a game that can satisfy our craving for unique suspense drama until the end of the game. We haven’t even reached the story points of the different periods of our main selling point, so there’s a good chance the game will offer more interesting surprises as the game progresses.

Aside from some of the pros and cons we discussed above, there doesn’t seem to be much to add, other than to try out the full game right after its release tonight. So if you’re a fan of detective games, especially those who are addicted to such Japanese suspense dramas, The Hundred Years’ Case: Shimashima Story might be worth a look.The game itself will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via steam.

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