Try SD Gundam Gen G ETERNAL – a tactical game with lots of weaknesses

Try SD Gundam Gen G ETERNAL – a tactical game with lots of weaknesses

As a huge franchise, it’s no surprise that Gundam has embraced various adaptations, including countless video games released by Bandai Namco, which are available on many platforms. Especially when it comes to the SD Gundam series that continues to get tons of games. Recently, there is a mobile version of SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL.

Coincidentally, we had the opportunity to taste SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL enters the closed beta stage for the first time We will share impressions through this article. Will it meet the expectations of fans and even non-Gundam fans can enjoy it? let’s see!

boring introduction

As the name suggests, the mobile suits here are in SD form, and all the characters or artwork are the same as the original series, no modifications or changes are made here.

The presentation of the plot can be said to be quite boring. The reason is, the storyline here has no voice actors, so you’ll just see a dialog to read and some picture clips to describe the story. The good news is that every character here has a voice during combat, and there are battle cutscenes to make it even better.

Even worse, because there are only 3 scenes or stories in this game. Namely the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Thunderbolt, and Seed, which can also run in Hardmode. Some stages can be performed with free MS, but some stages are marked as a guest with MS provided. Hopefully a storyline will be added after the beta.

We also love the way they designed the UI in SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL. The design looks clean, simple and clear. All menus are easy to reach and remember, nothing piles up and doesn’t look crowded. You can also put your favorite mobile suits on the home screen page, but not with characters.

Tactical tactics game

Overall, we think the gameplay is a combination of Super Robot Wars and Fire Emblem. Every character here features SRW-style uts-in effects and flashy movement effects as well as defense and defense mechanics. Those of us who have played it feel instantly familiar. A team here can contain 6 mobile suits + 1 warship.

Try SD Gundam Gen G ETERNAL – a tactical game with lots of weaknesses

So far, the battle has no skip feature in closed beta. Some battles or missions even have an “EX” factor, which is basically an extra mission for more rewards. For example, Amuro must defeat 5 Zaku or defeat character A in 5 turns. These things do feel difficult at times, but they actually make the game more exciting as a strategy game.

Combat mechanics come with systems like Fire Emblem, where each attack has a chance of being hit or hit, and the range is calculated as a percentage. The probability here is more than 80%, and there is also the possibility of underreporting. You can choose to defend or dodge to avoid the attack. There’s also an auto-battle feature, but it’s not recommended because “EX” missions are hard to beat.

Try SD Gundam Gen G ETERNAL – a tactical game with lots of weaknesses

The battleships here can hold up to 6 mobile suits, and each battleship is unique and has its own combat power. Mobile suits that fall and are still near the ship can also recover HP/EN if they are far away and vice versa. So the use of warships is also worth considering.

drag progress system

Each character, mobile suit and battleship has its own level and skills. The rarity of each of them can be increased to 7 stars. Fortunately, you don’t always use dungeons to level up and strengthen them, but you can also use various materials that can be obtained from daily quests or quests. But of course, this requires players to hone in on.

Every skill and attribute a mobile suit possesses can also be upgraded, regardless of level. Yes, again need to grind material. The limited number is annoying and takes a long time to progress. Even at the beginning of the game it was already dragging.


In our opinion, the gacha system here is fairly normal and fair. The highest probability of 4-star rarity is 3%, which is quite high compared to other Japanese mobile games. As this is still in closed beta, changes are of course subject to change.

Not only from gacha, players can also craft Mobile Suits and a feature called Develop. If you have a certain Gundam part, you can assemble/craft it using collected materials and in-game currency. But again, it takes a long time to make, especially those that are very rare.

in conclusion

SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL is actually a potentially solid game, especially the gameplay for those who like tactical and strategy games. All kinds of good cut-in effects, the “RNG” mechanism during combat, and the “EX” missions make the battle very exciting, challenging, and not that kind of feeling.

However, there are still some drawbacks. Like in story mode or stories, arguably less, but made more tedious by the lack of sound. Not to mention the very slow and dragging progress system. Since this is still a closed beta, of course it is possible that it will be fixed.

SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL is currently actively developed for Android and iOS.You can monitor the latest developments about the game on the official website here.

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