Try Saints Row Boss Factory, crazy customization is waiting!

Try Saints Row Boss Factory, crazy customization is waiting!

Can’t believe the release of the Saints Row “reboot” is getting closer and closer to its schedule in a few months. There are many reasons why Saints Row is one of the best open world games like GTA. In addition to offering rather weird and crazy gameplay, the game also offers players a pretty huge amount of customization to dress up their characters and can try it out in the Saints Row Boss Factory demo.

We happened to have the chance to experience “Boss Factory” on Saints Row to try out what kind of customization the “Reboot” series has to offer. Come see the article!

Crazy and very detailed customization

In this “crazy” custom feature, we can create two different types of characters or bosses. Start with an ordinary and cool-looking boss, to a very strange-looking boss. Before we talk more, we’ll show you at least what you can customize later. Here is the list:

  • full clothing
  • Body
  • color
  • hair
  • head
  • Face
  • tattoo
  • character

You can customize from head, top, bottom, legs, or set all parts together. For example, if you want to customize the nutmeg, you can choose to use a helmet or hat. Or the upper body can change into a coat, clothes, go inside, and subordinates go inside completely.

Unfortunately, while there are plenty of weird and crazy gear options, the customization of each item isn’t very meticulous. For example, when choosing a T-shirt, don’t change to long sleeves or short sleeves, you can’t choose color materials, and even the colors provided have no color channel function, so you can choose the color you like. want to be accurate.

At the same time, for the custom part of the body, in fact, still need a little appreciation. First is the top, in the hair section, you can choose from a variety of styles. The eyes have also been given a number of rather odd styles of contact lenses. For the face, you can use various makeup, the degree of wrinkles, etc.

Try Saints Row Boss Factory, crazy customization is waiting!

Secondly, for body parts, it is also quite complete, each body part can be adjusted in size, and there is a relatively complete selection of tattoos. For example, if you want to create a character like Shrek, you can also change the skin color to whatever you want.

The personality part is also interesting. There you can adjust the sound, including short and high pitches. There’s also an emote feature that you can use regularly in-game.

Graphics settings on the PC

Although it’s just a demo of the customization capabilities, Boss Factory shows leaks about various graphics settings or options that will come later in the PC version. Here are the details we captured:


  • master volume
  • display mode
  • Resolution
  • Refresh rate (60/144hz)
  • Vertical sync
  • Graphics Quality Presets
  • brightness
    • Brightness options (HDR/SDR offset)
    • scene brightness

Try Saints Row Boss Factory, crazy customization is waiting!

Advanced Display Options:

  • Frame rate cap: 60Hz / no cap
  • Antialiasing: FXAA / TSSAA 8x / off
  • Scene Detail: Low/Medium/High
  • Shadow Quality: Low to Ultra
  • Postprocessing: Low to Ultra
  • Effect quality: normal/high
  • Texture cache size: low to high
  • Texture Filter Quality: Anitrosopic 1x to 16x, Trilinear
  • General reflections: low to high
  • Planar Reflection: Normal/High
  • Screen Space Reflections: Off to High
  • Global Illumination Quality: Low/High
  • HBAO: shut down normally

For open world games of this size, full and detailed graphics settings are really needed to optimize performance, especially on low-spec PCs. Fortunately, this latest Saints Row offers a variety of detail options for HDR support.

in conclusion

Try Saints Row Boss Factory, crazy customization is waiting!

As a game that offers more open-world gameplay and an interesting storyline, the presence of customization is arguably just a bonus. However, in our opinion, the customization “reboot” in Saints Row is more than adequate compared to similar games.

Although there are actually some downsides on the other hand, as some details are still missing if you want to be more complete. For example, you can change the size of the clothes, the hair color that can be made in various ways, or the color channel function to choose the color accurately.

It should be emphasized that Boss Factory is just a demo to experience the customization features, not to play the gameplay as a whole while trying out the game.

The Saints Row reboot will be released on August 23 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.Don’t forget to visit the official website here to know more information.

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