The popular drama kingdom gets a fantastic game adaptation for mobile and PC!

The popular drama kingdom gets a fantastic game adaptation for mobile and PC!

Most Netflix subscribers, especially fans of Korean dramas, must be familiar with the name Kingdom. In addition to being known for creatively combining ancient historical story settings with zombie apocalypse themes, the entire series is filled with many exciting and tense moments that always attract attention. In order to expand the IP, last night developer Action Square officially announced its adaptation of the game, called “Kingdom: Blood”.

The game itself was just announced via the first trailer, which is almost entirely encapsulated in the in-game graphics. They show cool action games that involve the protagonist pushing ordinary humans into wild zombie swarms. One thing that is immediately observable is how the game has kept the brutality of the episodes, from the lethal damage to the blood of the enemy with every swing of the sword, to the limbs that can be severed.

The quality of the graphics also looks pretty amazing, especially in the many character animations shown when attacking, defending, receiving attacks, and performing other actions. The game has been confirmed for PC, but surprisingly, the developer has also confirmed two other platforms, namely Android and iOS. Microtransactions. As additional information to the press release, it turns out that the game is backed by high production values, including motion capture of Korean professional sword dancers.

The game is sure to bring a variety of game modes from campaigns, conquests, multi-boss battles to PvP and more. The availability of this multiplayer mode may confirm that the game is indeed available via microtransactions on an F2P basis. Currently, no expected release timetable has been given, but the developer has confirmed that the game will be released globally immediately.You can monitor the latest progress of the project through your account Twitter Official Action Plaza.


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