5 July 2022

It’s not just the anime that’s expected to be released, whether it’s from an already-selling manga or from the studio that made it, sometimes, an anime that wasn’t anticipated in the first place can suddenly create such a huge amount of hype. Whether from the storyline or the unique songs provided, such as the opening song of the anime Ya Boy Kong Ming.

The opening theme song of Yatong Kongming Anime “Chiticiti Bangbang comfirmed Will get the full version or the full version May 20 future. The song is sung by a special group called QUEENDOM, which includes artists from lol’s hibiki, moka, FAKY’s Akina and Taki, and GENIC’s Maria Kanya.

The opening scene of Yaya Kongming’s animation has actually been uploaded on the official YouTube, but only the TV version, which is the short version. Even so, thanks to massive hype and virality around the world, the opening has managed to attract 7.5 million viewers since it first aired on April 12. That’s an extraordinary number for an anime with very little publicity.

Yes, Kong Ming boy! There is a unique and interesting story by telling the legend of Kongming who wishes to live in a world without war. His wish came true immediately, he had to live anew in the modern dark world, he had to work hard to adapt to everything.

Anime Yes Boy Kong Ming! Or Paripi Koumei starts airing on April 5 and confirms that the first season will have 12 episodes. Whether there will be a second season is uncertain.

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