The Indonesian game “Potion License” is finally on sale, and it’s a bestseller on Steam!

The Indonesian game “Potion License” is finally on sale, and it’s a bestseller on Steam!

Bandung-based developer MassHive Media released a new game, Potion Permit, yesterday. After a rather long Early Access period, players can now experience all that this fascinating life sim has to offer. The game’s debut was a resounding success, with Potion Permit immediately hitting the bestseller list on Steam and receiving more than 150 player reviews.

So far, the response to the game has been quite positive, with many players really enjoying the concepts of life simulation and RPGs that have become simpler but still have the unique mechanics of the protagonist’s role as a chemist. In terms of presentation, the game also presents pixel art graphics that look so expressive and engaging. On a whim, we checked the game’s stats on SteamDB, and over the past day, Potion Permit has surpassed 3,000 concurrent players. That’s pretty high for the scale of an indie game.

Despite the positive reviews, the game has also received criticism from some of its more discerning users. Some of their complaints have to do with the lack of content, lack of depth in game mechanics, and romantic options that feel bearable. Of course, such a reaction is natural for any game, especially those that have just been released, so hopefully developers will continue to listen to player feedback and improve the existing experience.

Potion Permit is now available and you can play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC steam. There is also a free demo version if you want to try it out before deciding to buy.

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