The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022
The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

Every year, industrial development game experienced significant growth.In fact, there are many in 2022
game developer

Who started to expand the business to the world mobile game by releasing
game Most of them are already on PC or console and can be played on the device mobile.

This trend actually started a few years ago and is marked by game Big names to the Android version, such as
PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and
Fortnite mobile.

As the device develops mobile larger,
game Big names that were previously only playable on PC, PS, console, are now playable on devices mobile.

With the equipment market mobile It’s much bigger than a PC or console, so it’s no wonder there are so many game developer who finally started the competition to release game
mobile them.

in numerous mobile game Released throughout 2022, I summed up 7 Best Android Games this is really
recommended for you to try. Without further ado, let’s look at the following discussion:

1. Apex Legends Mobile

The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

After gaining considerable popularity computer platform,
Apex Legends Games finally began to spread its wings
mobile platform by releasing Apex Legends Phone May 14, 2022 for Android and iOS.

Unlike the original, Apex Legends Phone it has been adapted as much as possible mobile platform. An example can be seen from the graphical presentation, which looks more minimalistic while maintaining various features Apex Legends game.

Various combos from the original game are also well implemented in the version mobile this. You can do it freely, although the controls are very difficult because you have to press multiple buttons at the same time, and it’s really cumbersome to navigate on the screen.

Fortunately, Apex Legends Phone With button customization function, you can customize all the buttons that appear on the screen by yourself Gameplay us.

For those who really like battle royale game theme
network, Apex Legends Phone Really worth a try!

2. Ahead of the Line

The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

who doesn’t know tactical shooter production
NetEase this?For you guys
heroic player You know for sure, because at the beginning of its release,
Ahead of the line is said to be game plagiarism brave.

If observed with the naked eye, the system Gameplay and design
agent Appear in Frontline Games This is indeed related to brave. Even in terms of skills – skills are similar, how can it not be called plagiarism?

However, it must be acknowledged that NetEase when high intentionsgame development this.Proof, graphics and tactical mechanics
shooter The show is no joke, everything comes out in good quality, equivalent to game Another well-known mobile platform.

I don’t know if game This can still go on for a long time considering the release issues brave phone It sounds clearer.

However, for now, it must be acknowledged that Ahead of the line Still a game worth playing.score game inside
app Store Also good, you know, it hit 4.4 and it’s been downloaded by over a million users, so it’s been proven to be game This is also very popular in the market.

3. Dynasty Legends 2

The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

Look for hack n slash game OK?
Dynasty Legends 2 here game The most suitable suggestions for you to try.

From the title, you must already know
game How will this happen? Yes, game It carries the conflict theme of the three kingdoms, as in
Dynasty Warriors game franchise.

the difference, Dynasty Legends 2 This is specifically for
mobile platform only.

for game classmate Mobile, Dynasty Legends 2 Renders graphics quality well above average.The control system and animation of each skill are also perfectly polished, complete Voice actor This is just as good.

For lovers anyway hack n slash game, dynasty saga 2 it is necessary game list your favorite.

4. Armageddon: The Last Survivor

The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

Armageddon: The Last Survivor
Yes tower defense game production Published on August 22, 2022.

From the release date, game it still counts
game the new one.However, as a game new,
Armageddon: The Last Survivor It turns out to provide features – features that are very fun for players to play Player –his.

one of the interesting things about game I think it lies in as player not only responsible for eradication zombie That’s coming, but you also have to be able to schedule
shelter Powerful protection of the various materials you have acquired.So, except tower defense game It also provides
Types of Town Construction Strategies like Clash of Clans Game what makes GameplayIt looks more and more complicated in the long run.

The variety of available characters and skills are also well showcased.At least, when eradicating zombieyour character not only relies on firearms, but also has several skills with dazzling visual effects fightingIt looks more interactive and stunning.

Armageddon: The Last Survivor Has been downloaded more than 1 million times and has a rating of 4.6 app Store. what a great achievement game Newcomer posted 2 months ago.

5. Boom Beach: Frontline

The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

Do you remember Boom Beach Games Artificial
supercell Posted before March 26, 2016? game This year has begun to lose popularity get rid of
title Boom Beach: Front Lines Published on August 3, 2022, as a result of collaboration between the two parties supercell and
Space Ape Games.

do not like game The original, Boom Beach: Front Lines carry
arcade shooter like Brawl Stars game, But there is a more interesting tactical system for you to play with.

exist game In this case, you not only have to focus on killing enemies, but also capturing and building control point in the area provided.

Every match There will be 2 teams of 9 people each.Well, to win the game, every team has to master control point In the provided area, simultaneously block enemies with weapons until the duration runs out.if you have ever played stumbled guy, Gameplay from
Boom Beach: Front Lines it’s very similar
Rocket Rumble map.

Graphically, supercell Still faithful to display simple and minimalist manga graphics, accompanied by very responsive animations and controls.Although most elements still look the same
Brawl Stars game. But due to the mechanism Gameplay–his looks different, Boom Beach: Front Lines It’s still well worth trying.

6. Pokemon United

The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

you are lovers Pokemon Connoisseur at the same time MOBA games? If yes, then game This is the best thirst quencher for you.

Pokemon United Yes MOBA games production
developer Pokemon Company Released in early 2022.

must be admitted, combined MOBA type and theme
Pokemon what is inside game This is perfect.I like the concept Moba what to try to offer
Pokemon Company exist game This, because the concept fits the world pokemon, but does not remove its main essence MOBA game.

exist game This, your main task is
Agriculture Poke Ball Destroy enemy towers as much as possible. Each tower has at least 80 points, which means you have to collect 80 Poke Ball destroy tower This.

do not like MOBA games otherPokemon Unite Games it doesn’t minions and Turret damage. So, with
game you can agriculture And freely break into the enemy zone to get a lot of points Poké Ball.

poke the ball You can also get it by killing enemies.Dropped by each successfully killed enemy Poke Ball And you have to take it before it can be taken back by enemy teammates.

his name is also pokemon games, absolute character Pokemon What you use can evolve.The way to make a revolution is simple, you just need agriculture for upgrade level and a later level Pokemon You will evolve by yourself.

7. My hero academia is the strongest

The 7 Latest and Best Android Games of 2022

one more game adapt Franchise The big anime that caught my attention this year, namely
My hero academia is the best production plus japan Published on March 17, 2022.

As you can see from the title game It adapts all the characters and stories from the original anime my hero academia. Oh yes, all the characters in it game This has also been officially authorized, so there will be no plagiarism. game With anime, because all licenses are clear.

My hero academia is the best carry
semi open world action game Has a very pleasing graphical presentation.Skill effects for each character game It’s also perfectly crafted, with all the effects rendered on screen in great detail, making the gaming experience look very realistic.

Graphical presentation is unquestionable.Attend class
mobile game adapt Japanese animationI think game This is the best in its class due to the good graphics provided.Yes, despite the side effects game This is classified as very heavy playing, gameIt even still feels heavy when I play it on my phone in class mid-range.

Not bad though Gameplay As well as the graphical representation shown, it all seems plausible.Anyway, for those who have cell phone class high end like anime
my hero academiayou really have to try game-his!


That is seventh The latest and greatest Android games of 2022
this is absolutely very worth for you to try.

Guess from seven game there are game Which is your favorite?or do you think game Others should be included in list this time? Please write your opinion in the comment box.

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