16 August 2022

It’s no surprise that Tencent has been more aggressively involved in various game fields at the same time, not just in the mobile game industry. Tencent already owns a sizable stake in Ubisoft and seems to want more in order to play a bigger role.

According to from Reuters, Tencent is currently looking to increase its stake in Ubisoft. They currently have 5% and may add more.

The latest news is that Tencent wants to own the remaining 15% of the shares owned by the French Guillemot family. If successful, Tencent will become the sole owner of the largest stake in Ubisoft, which is valued at $5.3 billion.

Not only from the Guillemot family, Tencent is also looking for alternatives to others to increase the number of shares. However, the parties reported by Reuters remained silent and did not provide any confirmation.

If successful, Tencent could of course be involved in the various important decisions Ubisoft makes for the various games they make. The Chinese company also has access to various Ubisoft “assets”, such as their gaming IP. There are already many games that are the result of cooperation between Tencent and Ubisoft, such as Assassin’s Creed Mobile to Avatar: Reckoning.


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