Still on sale, GTA V has sold 170 million copies

Still on sale, GTA V has sold 170 million copies

There are many reasons why Rockstar rarely releases new games. But once released, the new game is sure to be pretty scary and has generated huge hype over the years. This is proven with GTA V, which has sold hundreds of millions of copies.

Take-Two just interacted Announce GTA V has sold over 170 million copies. Suffice to say, that number has increased to 10 million since our last report in early 2022.

It doesn’t seem surprising that the numbers continue to grow. First, Grand Theft Auto V is basically available on multiple platforms at the same time. In addition, games have also become more affordable at very cheap prices.

We believe this number will continue to grow as GTA VI, which will be its successor, is still in development. The new game won’t be released until 2024 at the earliest, which means gamers still have about 2 years to wait, during which time the sales of the fifth series can continue to grow.

For those who may not have the time to play it, GTA V is available and playable on consoles and PC. The latest next-gen version of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series will be released on March 15th. In addition to the standard single-player content, the game also receives content support from Grand Theft Auto Online.


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