Splinter Cell Remake will bring a tailored story to today’s players

Splinter Cell Remake will bring a tailored story to today’s players

No longer just a lingering rumor, late last year Ubisoft announced a project for a remake of their iconic stealth game series Splinter Cell. Of course, fans will still need to be patient as the game is far from finished, but there was a new update on the project recently that turned out to be disturbing news. More specifically, it’s about the modernization of the story, and more specifically, it’s for newcomers.

pass new job listing As for the game’s storyteller, Ubisoft is looking for someone who can remix the Splinter Cell story for today’s players. They still wanted to keep the themes of the original series, but at the same time engage in exploring new ways to make the game more appropriate for today’s era. While that sounds positive, it also indirectly confirms that the Splinter Cell franchise is about to change dramatically as fans have known so far.

It’s also not a good idea to adapt it to the current era, especially if you look at the increasing number of people in the West who are very sensitive to fiction and seem to be trying to spark controversy on trivial things. The plot of the original is already considered perfect by many fans, and it’s no wonder that this new tweak has them worried that it will only ruin the strong image Splinter Cell has maintained to this day.

Currently, Ubisoft Toronto is still in the early stages of development. The launch, including platform availability, is uncertain at the moment, but it is certain that the game will likely be released on current-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox series) and PC.You can check out the official post for more complete information, including an interview session with a representative of the development team here.

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