Sony PlayStation plans to acquire more developers, Konami one of them?

Sony PlayStation plans to acquire more developers, Konami one of them?

The company’s acquisitions appear to be an increasingly dominant trend in today’s gaming industry. Seeing Microsoft spare no expense to acquire Zenimax to Activision Blizzard, Sony has pursued a similar strategy over the past few years. New comments from Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan also confirm that they will be buying more developers to welcome them into the PlayStation family.

So via his new interview at the conference Official PlayStation Podcast, Ryan said they have arranged to work with a number of other companies that will be acquired. With more and more teams on board, Sony’s ambition is to further elevate the quality of PlayStation games to the standards fans want. Speaking of developers to acquire, Konami has recently been rumored to be one of them.

Several sources have started discussing it, including The Marvel Report’s Kane J. Webb and Team Blur Games co-owner Gavin Stevens. They got rumors of some kind of acquisition involving Sony PlayStation and Konami. Although the truth is unclear and may be fake, the possibility of Sony acquiring Konami is still very real. Aside from having a decent budget, Sony is essentially a Japanese company, so it would be more cost-effective for them to buy a company in their own country. If they are serious about pushing the PlayStation library, then acquiring a Japanese game company is also an essential strategy that will likely follow in the future.

So what do you think of Sony’s acquisition plans and the possibility of acquiring Konami? Regardless of the opinions that meet our current expectations, it is clear that all truths will also be answered in the future.

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