Sony INZONE H3 review, super comfortable and great sound quality!

Sony INZONE H3 review, super comfortable and great sound quality!

Recently, Sony started to bring a breakthrough to its line of gaming peripherals by announcing that the brand due to belt. Currently, the product consists of a headset and display, in a black-and-white design similar to the PlayStation 5 console. Putting aside the stiff competition for gaming peripherals on the market, Sony seems to be focusing on the most usable experience, still delivering adequate quality. To get a clearer idea of ​​the quality of the brand, we happen to have the Sony INZONE H3 headphones.

Sony INZONE H3 review, super comfortable and great sound quality!

This is one of three variants of the INZONE gaming headset, which also consists of the H6 and H9. Even though they are the cheapest, they don’t just sacrifice the quality and functionality they offer. Here, we’ve rounded up a more complete review of the headset, including the design, features, and the sound quality it offers.

Practical and convenient

The H3’s minimalist design also fits the bill as a plug-and-play headset. While there are already many gaming headsets with wireless options because they’re considered more practical, we still like wired headsets because of their flexibility on a variety of platforms. Using a standard audio jack, you can easily connect this headset to your PC, Nintendo Switch or smartphone.

Sony INZONE H3 review, super comfortable and great sound quality!

The earpads on the H3 are made from more comfortable materials than we thought, so you can rely on them for extended wear. Combined with the cushioning on the headphone’s trunk, there’s no compromise in comfort, so when you want to play games or listen to music, you can place the headphone as an accessory around your neck and put it back on.

You will feel comfortable both during use and when you put it aside as a neckwear. For us, this is one of the most important criteria for choosing earphones, because even well-known brands do not necessarily guarantee long-term comfort, such as feeling dizzy from too much pressure or itching in the area around the ears, because Cushions are made of this material. Not very comfortable.

Talking about the design part, the H3 has a minimal black and white theme that really matches the PlayStation 5. Its more capsule-like shape also feels classic rather than the full round headphone shape like most other headphones. It can also be seen here that Sony wants to make it a new peripheral option in addition to the already listed Pulse 3D headset. The only thing we might worry about is the consistency of the smoothness of the design over the long term, especially since the white color scheme gets dirty easily.

Satisfactory sound quality

Aside from the very comfortable cushioning quality, another important part that exceeded our expectations was the sound quality. During use so far, especially when playing games, the H3 presented very clear sound and seemed to block out all sound sources from the outside world, allowing you to be more immersed in the game you were playing. Even when playing games that don’t focus on sound quality or the beauty of the world, we were still amazed at how clear all sound sources were.

Sony INZONE H3 review, super comfortable and great sound quality!

There is also a very accurate high and low pitch for each source, for example when playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you can hear sword strikes that sound very sharp as if piercing the ear, this is also true for all sources including adjustments Distance from the character being played. you play. There are plenty of other examples you can find, at least that’s how it feels in some of the games we’ve played while using the H3.

One major feature that has become a major selling point is definitely 3D audio support. So, just like the Pulse 3D headset, you can rely on the H3 to produce more realistic-quality audio, especially with sound sources that adjust to your location while gaming. During our time with the H3, we tried the 3D audio features of the games Demon’s Souls and Returnal, and they sounded refreshing. This was a particularly interesting experience for us, as we haven’t had the chance to play 3D audio for ourselves.

Sony INZONE H3 review, super comfortable and great sound quality!

Another feature that we think is appreciated is the built-in mic itself, which again is of better quality than initially thought, especially since we prefer to rely on a separate mic. It’s not exactly the best option for recording sound when making some kind of video commentary or song, but it’s good enough for a mabar or as a communication tool between teammates during an online meeting.

in conclusion

For those who are less picky when it comes to gaming peripherals, exposure to higher quality products does seem to offer some kind of awareness. Overall, we’re very pleased with the quality of the Sony INZONE H3, both in terms of material quality, ease of use, clear sound, and 3D audio support combined with some exclusive PlayStation 5 games.

Sony INZONE H3 review, super comfortable and great sound quality!

You can’t say it’s perfect, as this is still an entry-level headphone that still pales in comparison to the other two INZONE headphone variants. One of the things we regret most is the lack of wireless capability, as then your headphones are more vulnerable to unwanted situations, such as cables being bent badly to damage the connection or breaking due to pet bites, etc. The lack of noise cancellation is also unfortunate, but the bottom line is that at least you can still enjoy top-notch audio quality.

Currently, the product is not widely available in Indonesia. You can get the INZONE H3 for the price if you go for the standard price in the western region 100 dollars or around 1.4 million rupiah. You could say the range is on par with the Pulse 3D headset.

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