SEGA has high hopes for Sonic Frontiers, ensuring games aren’t delayed

SEGA has high hopes for Sonic Frontiers, ensuring games aren’t delayed

Leaving aside the complaints from Sonic Frontiers after the first game show some time ago, SEGA actually had high hopes for the game’s success. This is directly stated by Hiroshi Fukasawa, the head of Sega’s finance, who also believes that sales of the game will increase due to the screening of the movie “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”.

Like most new games on the market today, they also responded confidently in the face of potential launch delays that Sonic Frontiers is still on schedule. In fact, this can be seen as both good news and worrying. Good news, as fans don’t have to worry about having to wait longer to play the game right away, and worrying news, as the gameplay shown a while back was deemed less appealing.

Regardless of the opinions expressed on the game, it’s clear that the developers and SEGA have high expectations.As the head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka also said in an interview VGC If fans don’t understand the gameplay provided by Sonic Frontiers. Those comments ended up offending some people, but at the same time what Iizuka said was true about how we can’t judge the quality of a game just by looking at it rather than playing it directly.

The game itself is described as a new evolution of the Sonic franchise, with different gameplay that long-time fans and fans of the action-adventure genre can enjoy. As the representative of Sonic Team USA, Takashi Iizuka promises an exciting gaming experience, ready to surprise every corner no matter where players are enjoying their time with Sonic Frontiers.

So, as confirmed above, Sonic Frontiers remains on target for a holiday 2022 release, which means fans will have to be patient for a year or so.The game itself will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms via steam.

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