Sea of ​​Stars: Divine Power introduces characters Elena and Albaird Bergholm

Sea of ​​Stars: Divine Power introduces characters Elena and Albaird Bergholm

Although the release time of the fifth season of the mobile game is not long, the response is not good, and the situation is worrying, but the three ace developers assisted by Square Enix did not give up Star Ocean. One of the most iconic JRPG franchises is returning this year with a new series called Star Ocean: The Power. To add to the enthusiasm of the fans, they released two new trailers featuring the protagonists Elena and Albayd Bergholm.

Elena herself is one of the heroines and a close associate of the protagonist Raymond in the merchant group Idas. Unlike Raymond, who is described as a team leader who often makes extreme or reckless decisions, Elena’s demeanor is more professional and knowledgeable. In turning to Albayd, he was a knight from Osiris, charged with protecting the royal princess and his childhood friend Leticia. Due to his rather overprotective nature, he initially lacked confidence in Raymond and his team before joining them in their big adventure.

Looking closely at the game, Xinghai: Divine Power brings a variety of new overhauls, covering not only technical aspects such as graphics and gameplay, but also everything from features to the systems it’s powered by. Most of the foundations of the previous series will still be brought back like the “Double Hero” system, but this time it’s more focused on the exploration side and gameplay based on action elements. What players see at a distance can certainly be explored, new sources say, suggesting the game may be built on a semi-open world.

Xinghai: Divine Power is set to hit theaters on October 27. The good news is that the series is no longer exclusive to the PlayStation platform and will also include Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC via steam. You can read more complete information in the official PlayStation blog post here.

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