Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

If there is one game that far exceeds our expectations throughout 2022, Rollerdrome should be at the top of the list. Born from the hands of Roll7 and Private Division, the developers of the well-known OlliOlli series, they return this time with a unique skateboarding game concept that, in our opinion, is not inferior, or even more exciting.

We happened to have a chance to try out the full version of Rollerdrome first, ahead of tonight’s release. Since most of the game concepts have already been discussed in previous Impressions articles, this review will focus more on other parts we haven’t had time to touch yet. So what about the quality of this final version? Just take a look at the full Rollerdrome review below.

And a story base

The premise it offers does prioritize gameplay, but that doesn’t mean there’s no storyline to explore. Set in the year 2030, in this game you will play as one of the participants in the “Rollerdrome” movement named Kara Hassan as he tries to become the champion in this bloody tournament. Rollerdrome is an extreme sport in its own right, combining roller skating action with a shootout with the House Player. Of course, surviving and winning the race is not the only end goal, because in this game you also have the ambition to unravel the mystery behind the real purpose behind the Matterhorn Company as the race organizer.

Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

The delivery of the story itself seems optional, as you can immerse yourself in the thrill of the game no matter what’s going on behind the scenes. You don’t need to focus on the story, make key decisions, or get emotional about everything that’s going on. All of this exists only as a sufficient context provider and nothing more, because the most important thing is how focused you must be on the biggest goal in order to complete the extreme tournament before your eyes.

Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

The core concepts of Rollerdrome itself are very different from OlliOlli. Besides using roller skates/roller skates instead of skateboards, the game also provides a large play space for you to surf freely in the 3D arena. It doesn’t stop there, your character is equipped with guns, and your main task is how to eliminate various enemies throughout the arena while avoiding their style bombing.

Very exciting roller skating + shooting game

When it comes to gameplay, Rollerdrome gives you complete freedom to complete every level you build in a vast arena. In addition to the various obstacles of Grind, Jump, Wallrun and Freestlyle in the air, the arena you play in is filled with many main enemies, the House Players, most of whom just stay put. While not as intimidating as they may sound, their attacks are very accurate and will not hesitate to bombard you with bullets from multiple directions at once.

Your main task is to collect as many points as possible from each level with different challenge lists. You earn points by performing various in-game techniques, such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, including defeating enemies that help add multiple points from your combo. The combination of performing tricks and chasing down enemies throughout the arena made us instantly fall in love with Rollerdrome, as the game was designed to keep you on the move while performing bad moves with no creative limits.

Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

From our experience, the game seems to place more emphasis on the action of the shooter and play a bigger role. So while you can earn a lot of points for cool roller skating tricks, as we mentioned before, the game gives you higher points when you defeat enemies while performing combos. Instead of earning points, actually the action in this game is the only way to reload your weapon.

There are many types of weapons such as dual pistols, shotguns and grenade launchers. They all share bullet slots with each other, and you can switch weapons quickly. Depending on the lethality of the attack, the ammo consumption will obviously get lower and lower. This of course must be adjusted at the most appropriate time, such as how the dual guns can attack the enemy at a long distance, how the shotgun can cause fatal damage at close range, and so on.

Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

To keep the game’s momentum going, you’re also equipped with extra moves to avoid rolling attacks. If you can execute it at the most opportune time, there will be a perfect dodge bonus called reflex and how to give you time to move faster than all the enemies in the entire arena. There’s actually an additional super reflex mode that’s very time dependent and slows down your movement around you, but we didn’t use it very often during our gameplay.

can be challenging

One part of Rollerdrome we didn’t expect is how the game has a part boss fight. Again, this part is handled well, like a giant robot Tachikoma like Ghost in the Shell, with body parts made from some skateboard obstacles. Not only does this boss fight require you to defeat it the traditional way, but you also have to be able to combine skating moves to reload weapons while dodging a hail of bullets like a bullet hell game. No other word can best describe it other than excellent.

Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

The challenges of easy levels can be brutal, especially when you’re trying to get the highest score possible. Like yesterday’s preview, we weren’t really used to getting the top score, other than playing the same level over and over while practicing various special moves. Each arena in the game also has two special tokens (Trick and Combo) placed in hard-to-reach locations. Trick Tokens can be earned by performing a specific trick described in the challenge list at the beginning of the level, if you manage to get it, you don’t need to do the same challenge when you want to play the level again. While Combo Tokens are great for maxing out you can The combo multiplier you get is useful, so if you fail to kill an enemy for a long time, this can really help you keep your score high.

Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

After successfully completing the game, you will get “Out For Blood”, a new Game+ mode ready to give you the most exciting gaming experience. In this mode, all types of enemies will appear in one level that can deal more damage but also give you all the weapon options to fight them. If you really find the game too hard, luckily there are additional full assist features like how to adjust enemy damage levels or turn it off, turn off when you want to perform a Slugshot, or give your character the ability to perform indefinitely bullet time. This game has all the options you need, whether you’re looking for the biggest challenge or just want to play casually.

in conclusion

Rollerdrome Review – A very exciting survival sports game!

So, not too different from the impressions we got in previous previews, Rollerdrome is a game completely focused on delivering the most exciting gaming experience possible. Using their experience in making skateboarding games with a touch of unique concept, Roll7 has once again managed to make a game at all costs and ultimately a successful experiment. What it offers is simple and seemingly repetitive, yet again we are addicted to it so we never get tired of playing the same level over and over to get a higher score. If we had to nitpick, perhaps the only downside we found was the spike in difficulty levels in the middle of the game, which was pretty obvious, both in terms of obstacles to more brutal enemies.

Rollerdrome itself is planned for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC steam From August 16th this year.

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  • Very exciting roller skating + combat gameplay
  • Sufficient accessibility features with assist mode
  • Unique and captivating approach to graphic style


  • The difficulty in the middle of the game soars, it is very obvious