16 August 2022

The name Tom Clancy’s has become well known to gamers, especially those who use a PC or console as their primary gaming device. However, Ubisoft seems to want to make the series more widely known. One of them is bringing the Rainbow Six mobile game that many gamers can enjoy.

Ubisoft has just announced the pre-registration period for “Rainbow Six Mobile Games”. If you are really interested in playing in the future, you can pre-register in the following ways google play or official website here For iOS users.

Not only the roster, but those who pre-register will also have the opportunity to try the closed beta phase around this fall, or around October to November.

Unlike the Tom Clancy series that was brought to mobile before, Ubisoft seems to really have a special focus on Rainbow Six mobile while still bringing elements into its trademark on PC, just in terms of controls and visuals on mobile Adjustment. As a result, yesterday’s closed alpha phase received a positive reception.

Rainbow Six Mobile will remain a competitive shooter with intense multiplayer mode. Players will be attackers and defenders in a 5v5 team count. There will be many rosters or operators, each with advantages and disadvantages. The attackers will be required to be able to settle down to capture the objective of the Defender HQ, which is also trying to defend their objective.

Rainbow Six Mobile will be released for Android and iOS in 2022.You can visit the official website here to know more information.


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