5 July 2022

Bringing all kinds of interesting collaborations from time to time has become the norm for PUBG Mobile. In addition to bringing the special Evangelion event that started yesterday, PUBG Mobile Indonesia a few days ago also brought an equally interesting side collaboration with GOJEK Indonesia. Rama Ishwara, head of marketing at GOJEK, said the partnership was specifically intended as a form of appreciation for the development of the country’s gaming industry.

Therefore, it can be said that they want to participate in encouraging the development of the local game industry, so this cooperation with PUBG Mobile is expected to provide an exciting experience for many players. With this new approach, it is not ruled out that they will be involved in more collaborations with other popular games in the future.

Speaking of the collaboration between PUBG Mobile x GOJEK itself, players can already take part in an event called “5 Star Heroes,” which offers specific missions to complete. As expected, the mission of this event requires players to travel a predetermined distance. If you successfully complete missions, players can earn prizes ranging from avatars and doodles to exclusive skins. The event is still running until June 6, so make sure you get in now while you still have time.

For those who may not have the time and are interested in playing the game, PUBG MOBILE itself is available for free on Android and iOS.you can visit Official website Get the latest information on PUBG MOBILE.

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PUBG Mobile

Publisher: Tencent Games

Developer: PUBG Corporation

Release date: 2018-03-19

Android, iOS

PUBG Mobile is one of the most successful battle royale games on the mobile market today, and it even dominates the top grossing charts every year. Using the same game base as the PC and console versions, you’ll face a chicken dinner battle between 100 players. In addition to exciting and evocative gameplay, PUBG Mobile is inseparable from seasonal events, the emergence of new game modes, and cool collaborative activities.