5 July 2022

Do you remember the time when the classic Jurassic Park movie series became your favorite TV show? While not a spectacle dedicated to minors, we still vividly remember how dinosaurs became something many kids worshipped. The moment of watching the Jurassic Park movie also feels special, especially the thrills from surviving and exploring a wild nature full of beauty and horror. Even though we are no longer as interested as we used to be, we somehow managed to experience that experience again through the prehistoric planet.

Unlike most of the content we regularly review on GamerWK, especially the prehistoric planet itself, it’s a documentary that takes viewers into a prehistoric era while educating a deeper level about the lifestyles of that era. The film may remind many of the classic series “Walking With The Dinosaurs” that was a huge hit in the ’90s and early 2000s, but the difference is that the visual quality and CGI are more immersive.

Quality Documentary

Prehistoric Planet itself is divided into five sections that can be viewed randomly, as each section showcases a different ecosystem, starting with nature and dinosaurs, which are the main focus. For example, in the first episode, you’ll see a coastal area and the dinosaurs that inhabited the area, such as pterosaurs, Morosaurus, and even the most iconic predators, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex. We think this random episode format is appropriate, as documentaries exploring the lives of dinosaurs would certainly be more comfortable if they were separated according to the species you want to be a star. This also avoids a lack of variety and even provides a kind of storyline that must be followed according to the plot sequence.

Prehistoric Planet Review, explore more immersive prehistory!

Since it’s a documentary, you certainly don’t see a Hollywood-style movie with a protagonist and various action-packed scenes. So the film only shows the peaceful atmosphere of prehistoric life, from the atmosphere of savagery to the various creatures that have gone extinct from civilization.

textbooks obtained

The most important thing about watching Prehistoric Planet is definitely the education it can get. Rather than delve into books that only offer written or pictorial descriptions, it feels much better to witness this prehistoric life in a better quality film like this. We also appreciate that the film doesn’t try to grab the audience’s attention by showing the brutal scenes like hunting often used in most documentaries of its kind, but instead depicts the peaceful life of even the fiercest of dinosaurs.

Prehistoric Planet Review, explore more immersive prehistory!

David Attenborough’s narration also makes each episode feel comfortable, as his voice is perfect for playing documentaries in a relaxed atmosphere. The extinction of the dinosaurs does make various visualizations seem fictional, but it’s important to know that all these beasts actually existed and how prehistoric planets always provide pictures with evidence. For example, there are lots of good scenes about behavioral patterns, etc., which are backed up by original research evidence told by the narrator. One of the most interesting is how male Pretosaurus disguise themselves as females to blend in and avoid fights.

realistic visualization

Another thing that’s just as important and probably a priority for a dinosaur movie like this is definitely visualization. The use of CGI is unavoidable, but luckily the prehistoric planet really packs such a captivating quality. When we watch the classic Jurassic Park movie, it feels like a trip back to childhood, but this time, each dinosaur comes with a more accurate and realistic design.

Prehistoric Planet Review, explore more immersive prehistory!

To us, the overall visualization of the film is solid and seems to transport you back in time thanks to the immersive viewing experience it offers. Another part we want to appreciate is also giving dinosaurs an “identity”, which is the main focus, like how other dinosaurs of the same species will have different physical models, not just copy-paste models.

in conclusion

Although we must admit that we are not fans of documentaries, everything related to wildlife and animals always offers interesting spectacles. This is even more interesting when it comes to prehistoric times, because everything it shows, like conditions from the wild to dinosaurs, is something that can never be seen again except in special educational media like this. But the most important part also comes from the production of the film itself, which is fortunately able to create realistic visualizations.

This is not without flaws, as we think the explanations brought by the narrator in this film can be difficult to understand, especially when referring to dinosaurs by Latin names and such, it is difficult to distinguish between different species. Also, the film is packaged in a cozy atmosphere and doesn’t have the brutal fight scenes that sell like other dinosaur movies, so it’s hard to recommend to many, even dinosaur movie connoisseurs.

While not a disadvantage, it should also be noted that prehistoric planets can only be viewed by Apple TV+. This automatically makes it hard to really recommend it to someone who doesn’t subscribe to the service, unless you’re probably already dying to see the movie.

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prehistoric planet


  • educational enrichment viewing
  • Overall Atmosphere and Cozy Atmosphere
  • Realistic visualization compared to other dinosaur movies


  • The explanation given can be hard to digest, especially when dealing with so many Latin names