Path to Nowhere – Waifu Badass SRPG Mobile Global Edition!

Path to Nowhere – Waifu Badass SRPG Mobile Global Edition!

AISNO Games has just brought the good news that the global version of Nowhere to Go is confirmed. This is a tower defense SRPG game for mobile platforms. It was first released in China in August last year. It is surprising to see how quickly they prepared the global version in a short period of time. It may also be thanks to the financial backing they received from the success of their initial release, which still dominates today.

The story of Nowhere is set in a future world where Waifu prisoners are the main focus, where they have a second chance to atone for their crimes and sins as they deal with various disasters. From here you’ll be given the role of commander of the Minoan Bureau of Crisis Control (MBCC) and tasked with fighting the threat of Mania, a terrifying mutant creature from a human with a mental disorder.

The character you lead in this game is not a hero, but a sinner, made up of prisoners with their own unique backgrounds. One thing is clear, most of these sinners are portrayed as badass outsiders. The game it carries is based on tower defense, with very challenging real-time strategy and role-playing elements. The game’s offerings are also quite rich, including various features of the game modes, one of which puts you in the role of a detective in the “Interrogation” mode.

Don’t wait too long, the global version of Nowhere to Go is scheduled to be released this year for Android and iOS. It even opened up pre-registration access, with a maximum target of 2 million players. The prizes to be offered are quite rich, including an exclusive skin for Sinner Hecate.You can check out more complete details of the game on their official website here.

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