Not only Indonesia, Dev.Thai indie games fall victim to PQube publisher greed

Not only Indonesia, Dev.Thai indie games fall victim to PQube publisher greed

Remember the drama that happened some time ago between Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio and PQube? If you’re not familiar with the news, PQube was accused at the time that they had taken over aid money that was supposed to go to the developers of A Space for the Unbound, but the cunning practices of Western publishers led Toge and Mojiken to spread the word about what happened behind the scenes.

Unsurprisingly, another party finally admitted to being the victim, and that was Corecell Technology.They are indie developers known through action platformers Eternal Blade II. Through its latest press release, Corecell admitted that it received only a fraction of the promised guaranteed revenue. The developer subsequently terminated its agreement with PQube as the publisher of the AeternoBlade II console edition in September 2020 for failing to deliver on its promise, with only Western publishers not returning the license.

So, since then, PQube has still benefited from AeternoBlade II sales on consoles that Corecell didn’t get, despite the developer’s request for a refund of the game license. The two sides had tried to resolve the issue, but ultimately the two sides could not reach an agreement. To make matters worse, PQube is only willing to return its game licenses if Corecell is willing to shut up about the issue. For the rest, Corecell has been trying to rein in its game marketing on consoles, and Nintendo and PlayStation have moved to pull the AeternoBlade II out of Europe.

If the case involving Toge Productions some time ago remains suspect, especially since there is no clear evidence, new confessions from other indie developers will certainly make the allegations more legitimate. This could even encourage more developers who have worked with PQube to share their stories, even so, assuming there are many other victims who haven’t spoken out.

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