Not giving up, Black Stella will be resurrected with a new game project

Not giving up, Black Stella will be resurrected with a new game project

Far beyond our predictions, who would have thought CyberStep had plans to revive IP Black Stella with a new gaming project. For most of those who missed the news, there was an announcement some time ago that the Black Star Hell mobile game would be closed in September, less than three months before the official release.

The plan even took shape after they uploaded a gameplay video of their new game project Black Stella. A rough gameplay video without audio shared by CyberStep’s YouTube channel shows that the game is still relatively identical to Inferno in terms of story, characters, and graphics, all of which still use the same assets. The most notable difference is only in the gameplay, this time in a standard turn-based RPG format with three characters.

The fact that a new game project can be announced so quickly means that CyberStep has planned a lot in advance, possibly even shortly after the raucous release of Black Stella Inferno. Rather than trying to fix the debut of a game that has fallen apart and quickly lost a large number of fans, they are now planning to revamp it again with the new game. It’s also not the first attempt to resurrect Black Stella, as in 2020 the game project was completely canceled by Fuji Games before being taken over by ScopeNex’s Cyber​​​​Step.

We’re not sure if this decision will lead to the best course of action for the IP, especially given the reaction from fans who are wary of the possibility of the game project falling apart again. At least this can be seen as a fairly rare case in the mobile game industry, where a failed project, no matter how badly it develops, can still be resurrected multiple times.

Don’t wait too long, the new game project Black Stella itself is slated for a spring 2023 release on Android and iOS. Although this version is only available in Japan region.

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