Nomura explains why Final Fantasy characters aren’t in game Kingdom Hearts 3

Nomura explains why Final Fantasy characters aren’t in game Kingdom Hearts 3

While there are no further details about Kingdom Hearts 4, the game’s arrival is eagerly awaited by fans around the world. According to an interview with GameInformer, game producer Tetsuya Nomura gave some descriptions or trivia about the Kingdom Hearts series itself.

Maybe out of all the series, if you see how the fans react to the ending, Kingdom Hearts 1 is Nomura’s favorite, because if the story of the series has come this far, who would have thought, there is also a Luxu The plot twist of Kingdom Hearts 3 comes at the end of the story.

There are still questions about whether Kingdom Hearts 4 itself will focus on Sora’s disappearance, but unfortunately, there will still be questions about whether there will be another character from Sleep Birth or 358/2 Days, but Nomura issued a statement on whether it will bring the character at other times s story.

Speaking of the iconic villain in the series, perhaps the answer is Zenahot, and Nomura said in the interview that he was very happy with the development of the character and the upcoming new enemy, but sadly there is still no more information about the character after that .

As a game expected to be a Disney-Final Fantasy collaboration, it might be a little disappointing to see a Final Fantasy character not featured in Kingdom Hearts 3, but Nomura has finally answered fans’ concerns about why there is Final Fantasy characters, because there weren’t many different characters in the first Kingdom Hearts, and now there are a lot of original characters.

In the end, Nomura also talked about the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. We can conduct an internal test this year, and there will be characters connected to KH IV in the mobile game in the future. So it seems inevitable that we’ll have to play the Kingdom Hearts Missing Links first to understand the storyline of Kingdom Hearts 4.

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