16 May 2022

The trailer for the 2022 Pamali movie shows a pregnant woman cutting her nails in the middle of the night and a woman in a trance.

Pamali is the ban that the community believes in. If someone violates trust, bad things will happen to that person. Indonesia itself is known for its heavy customs that are still alive today. One of the facts or myths that some people believe is that pregnant women should not cut their nails, especially at night.

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In the 20-second trailer, viewers are curious about the relationship between the two scenes, a woman cutting her nails and a woman in a trance. In addition to short-lived beliefs, pregnant children can be disabled, and nail clipping can attract ghosts? What kind of demon would disturb the mother and child in her womb?

Pamali Movie is a horror genre movie from the production company LYTO Pictures. Directed by Bobby Prasetyo, this horror film stars Marthio Lio, Putri Ayudya, Taskya Namya, Rukman Rosadi, Unique Priscilla, Fajar Nugraha and Iang Darmawan.

The Palmari film is the second horror film from Rio Tinto Pictures, which also previously worked on the film Cry (2019). This Pamali film is based on the Indonesian-made horror game of the same name.

Source: LYTOGAME press release

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