5 July 2022
In 2022, Michelin co-hosted the Michelin Cup Asia with Gran Turismo, with almost every country in Asia following.

For e-sports enthusiasts, of course, everyone is already familiar with the implementation of the 2021 Michelin Cup yesterday. This year, they are again hosting a tournament with Gran Turismo that invites all Asian players.

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At this year’s competition, Michelin will be offering many new activities that are sure to be very exciting to attend. In addition to regional competitions, there will be fun competitions and modding competitions.

The winners of the Michelin Asia Cup will receive exclusive prizes for a trip to Dubai, and the winners of the Fun Matching and Modding Competition will also receive other interesting prizes.

Michelin Asia Cup Fun Matching and Modding Competition

The qualifiers held on July 15, 2022 will be held on July 15, 2022.

For a fun match with esports influencers and professional racers, they will be on the same date as the finals. The KOLs participating in the fun competition are Mi Min and Rizal Songkhla online.

Top 2 fun matches where you will have the chance to play against KOLs, this is sure to be a fun experience for Gran Turismo fans.

Here’s the fun matchup schedule with KOLs:
– Open registration: June 16-23, 2022
– Eligibility: June 24, 2022

For those concerned with car modification, gamers can enter a car modification competition where Michelin will directly select the best car modification. The first and second place winners will receive attractive prizes including hats signed by MotoGP racers, Michelin racing jackets and petrol vouchers of IDR 500,000/person.

Here is the schedule for the Modding Contest:
– Public submissions: June 16 to July 31, 2022
– Rating: August 1, 2022
– Announcement: August 7, 2022

This fun race is also an event before the start of the entire Asian Gran Turismo Championship, and of course you’re invited to liven it up, you know, and of course the modding race.

Show your creativity in beautifying your vehicle and win prizes in this competition.

register here.