16 May 2022

Brando Franco Windah or Windah Basudara as we usually call it is a content creator and streamer on the YouTube platform. This unique act of Lord Brando makes everyone from young people to adults enjoy watching Windah Basudara content. Windah Basudara, who ended up playing Arena of Valor himself, said that this MOBA game has excellent and cool graphics and design.

“Why do I like to look at photos? Oh, no animation, guys, it’s still a photo. How does the animation move? Guys, is this a plagiarized design, the pictures are really good, the MOBA is great. ‘ Wenda said on her live broadcast.

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Indeed, Windah Basudara played this game made by TIMI himself a few days ago. Windah Basudara is a Youtuber himself. It can be said that he likes to play various types of games. Currently, his live broadcast has many loyal fans.
In addition to the main news in this article, the KotGa Crew has an interesting discussion that you can watch in the video below.

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