News: Not only a techno fan, but Wisnu Kumoro turns out to be a JRPG fan!

News: Not only a techno fan, but Wisnu Kumoro turns out to be a JRPG fan!

News: Not only a techno fan, but Wisnu Kumoro turns out to be a JRPG fan!

Hello Boxer! This time, the KotakGame staff had the opportunity to interview a Tekno YouTube anchor, Wisnu Kumoro. Wisnu Kumoro is a digital creator who loves creating review content about game technology!Not only that, he is also a songwriter and singer, and Spotify or Apple Music.

Curious about how Wisnu Kumoro’s story became a Techno YouTuber? Let’s see the results of the interview!

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Kotega Crew: What made Mas Vishnu become a YouTuber?

Vishnu: Focus on being a YouTuber because it fills the time. Since I quit my last job, I’ve been waiting for interview calls and have so much free time to make content and keep going for years.

Kotega Crew: Why choose techno/gadget for content?

Vishnu: Because I love technology. When I started YouTube in 2011, the content was actually cover music. But stop content, and continue talking about book reviews, retro games, and smartphones in 2016. The reason is because I really like it. It’s easier to get started if something you like is said. I really like technology, especially gadgets and games.

Kotega Crew: Have you been any other YouTuber before?

Vishnu: I was never someone else. Just Vishnu Kumoro.

Kotega Crew: What gadget do you use today?

Vishnu: Smartphones, laptops, game consoles, tablets, power banks, headphones, pretty much all the devices I use every day that I discuss on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. But for gaming, I’m using a Lenovo Legion 7 gaming laptop, there’s a PS4 Pro, there’s a PS5, some Nintendo Switch, some retro consoles like Miyoo Mini, Anbernic, some Nintendo DS, 2DS, 3DS, PSvita, PS1 classics , SNES Classic and more.

Kotega Crew: Is Mas Wisnu currently following any gadgets or hardware?

Vishnu: I really want Steamdeck and Aya Neo Air. It’s hard to find it in Indonesia.

Kotega Crew: Where do you usually get information about the latest hardware?

Vishnu: From YouTube, from community WA groups, and sometimes from the brand itself. But it’s not uncommon to get it from a reporter or related media.

Kotega Crew: Does Mas Vishnu also play games?

Vishnu: I play games for at least 2 hours a day. Just not sure when. Sometimes it’s when you wake up in the morning, sometimes it’s during a work break in the afternoon, or just before going to bed. And I also always carry a Switch with me. So you can also play on the street. Now streaming Live A Live, Triangle Strategy and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I really like JRPGs.

So, this is our interview with Wisnu Kumoro this time! Also keep an eye on Wisnu Kumoro’s social media for more updates!



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