News: Meet Clarissa Punipun, a great cosplayer who wants to cosplay with her grandmother!

News: Meet Clarissa Punipun, a great cosplayer who wants to cosplay with her grandmother!

News: Meet Clarissa Punipun, a great cosplayer who wants to cosplay with her grandmother!

Hello Boxer! This time, KotakGame staff had the opportunity to interview one of the cosplayers and gamers, Clarissa Punipun. Punipun is a cosplayer and currently a brand ambassador for Asus ROG and Dunia Games.

Before we get into the interview, KotGa Crew would like to share a CV about Clarissa Punipun.

Biological data:

– Name: Clarissa Widjaya (Nickname: Clarissa Punipun)

– Place/Date of Birth: Jakarta, 7 October 199x

– Hobbies: role-playing, playing piano/drums/cello/guitar/bass, playing games, watching anime/manga, learning new things 🙂

So, are you curious about Kak Punipun’s journey story? Let’s see the results of the interview!

Kotega Crew: Besides cosplay, what else do you do in your daily life?

Penny Poon: My day-to-day hustle is usually producing content in the form of photo/video/audio covers, managing cafes and studios, and preparing for new businesses in the future.

Kotega Crew: Because as the spokesperson of ROG brand, Puni will definitely play games, so what games are you playing now?

Penny Poon: Wow, there are several games playing! The new ones are Tower of Fantasy, Genshin Impact, Stardew Valley, and then miss playing Pokemon Gold again hehe. Beyond that, there’s MLBB, Free Fire, PUBGM, Wild Rift, and more, but when you have some free time or streaming, take it easy.

Kotega Crew: Sister Purney is famous for her cosplay. Before cosplay became active, what activities did you guys do?

Penny Poon: Before cosplay, I was a photo and runway model for a lolita fashion brand in Jakarta, and was more active in creating cover music content for anime/game songs on Clarissa Punipun’s Youtube channel.

I started cosplaying as a hobby in 2006 and started my career in 2013 when I first became a guest cosplayer. Well, a year before cosplay became a profession, I worked as a programmer/software engineer in the IT field, until finally the two paralleled between IT and cosplay careers.

Kotega Crew: Why did you choose to enter the world of cosplay? So do you think you’ll be as famous as you are now?

Penny Poon: The reason is simple: because I love and appreciate cosplay. Thanks to role play, a very shy and insecure person like me can slowly build my confidence and learn new soft skills like photography, videography, modeling, crafting, styling, makeup, organizing and socializing, public speaking, etc. Wait. Through role-playing, I can meet new people and visit cities and countries I never thought I would visit, such as Makassar, Pekalongan, Brunei Darussalam, Miri, Sarawak and many more.

I certainly didn’t expect that many people would appreciate and like my work, because I’m also an imperfect ordinary person hahaha

There is still a lot to learn and a lot to improve every day.But I think being famous is a bonus because the main reason I cosplayed from the beginning was not to be famous, but to create and have fun ^^ Maybe I’ll keep cosplaying until my grandmother we never know

Kotega Crew: What have you achieved so far?

Penny Poon: Sister, is he also successful in cosplay or other areas? XD I will try to list them, who knows, some friends who have seen it want to invite Puni to be a speaker and discuss the story behind this achievement (you know the promotion) Haha XD


– Guest cosplayers/judges/talents at over 100 national and international events (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Miri, Thailand, Korea and Japan)

– Most Popular Cosplayer of the Year by Indonesia Gaming Awards 2019

– Moe Ambassador of Kushou Gakuen appointed by the Fukuoka government.

– NHK Kawai.i International Japan 2019 Audience Choice No. 1

– NHK Kawai.i International JAPAN 2019 TOP 10 Finalist

– Official re:ON Comics cosplayer

– Talent / Maid and Guest Cosplayer in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia at the Anime Festival of Asia (SOZO) (2012-present)

– Lawson Indonesia Official Mascot Akikoloid-chan at Ennichisai 2013

– Valiant Force (Mobile Game) Singapore STGCC Official Cosplayer


– National Science Olympiad (OSN) Information Technology School Representative

– Microsoft CHAMPS Dreamspark Intern 2012

– Microsoft CHAMPS Dreamspark Trainer for HACKATHON 2012

Kotega Crew: What are the joys and sorrows in the world of cosplay, Sister Purney?

Penny Poon: First is sad hehe, if you feel bad about cosplay, it’s the most in your wallet XD; because the costumes are expensive let alone pay

Photographer/videographer/assistant/laundry and others ahaha. Then, the recent sadness may be because of the many dramas/negative perceptions of cosplay as the Indonesian cosplay community grows 🙁

If you like, I have already mentioned some in my previous answer XD I love being able to meet new people, learn new things, be able to travel in Indonesia and abroad, can be a career and activate my creativity in my work Force 😀

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Kotega Crew: Does Sister Purney have any goals she wants to achieve now?

Penny Poon: What I want to achieve has not changed, I would love to build a PT and also an orphanage. When I was young, my family and friends liked to invite my friends to the orphanage to hold events, and I also became pen pals with some friends from the orphanage at that time, and that memory is very unforgettable. When it succeeds and Allah allows it, I really hope to be able to build houses/orphanages for friends in need.

Kotega Crew: What do you think is the coolest event Puni has ever cosplayed to?

Penny Poon: The events I attend are cool. XD, maybe the most unique/impressive right? If so, maybe when I was invited by the Fukuoka government to be the ambassador of Kurate Gakuen Moe in Fukuoka, Japan and covered on Japanese national television ;w; being able to feel the experience still felt like a dream.

Kotega Crew: Information for Indonesian fans and gamers.

Penny Poon: To Puni supporters, a big thank you to all of you, Punisher! You guys always make my day more enjoyable and fun, and sometimes it’s annoying because I like to be roasted all the time 🙁 But that’s okay, because I love the Punisher.

For Indonesian players, have fun and continue to build the Indonesian player community into a positive one so that other parties can help grow the Indonesian player community in the future too!

Kotega Crew: IG/FB/YouTube/TikTok URL so Indonesian gamers can follow.

Penny Poon: Everything is on lol XD but if I had to list it:



Tik Tok:


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