News: Including Indonesia! Battlefield begins special beta phase in 6 countries

News: Including Indonesia! Battlefield begins special beta phase in 6 countries
Electronic Arts (EA) began testing the next phase of Battlefield today, so players in Mexico, Colombia, Iraq, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia can start playing the shooter based on the world-renowned shooter franchise.

From the results obtained during the implementation of the beta phase in that particular region, EA will optimize in the game core for later application to a larger series of tests.

The test also comes with some additions and updates, namely 2 new maps dedicated to mobile, new modes: Rush, daily missions, new weapons.

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Battlefield Mobile is a first-person shooter (FPS) that offers extraordinary team combat. In fact, it allows players to create a more tactical and realistic environment by destroying buildings.

Through battlefield mobile games, players can feel the tension of explosive battles such as battlefield PCs. Drive a variety of combat vehicles, like tanks, to destroy enemy hideouts with larger blasts, or jump with a parachute while firing rocket launchers at enemy bases.

Currently, Battlefield is available on Google Play and can be played on Android devices.

Play Battlefield Mobile here.