18 May 2022

In 2022, who hasn’t heard of Genshin Impact? The game that was once criticized for copying “Breath of the Wild” has now become a mobile game closely related to the global game world. Now, Genshin Impact has returned to a new stage, with a university in England gearing up for the Genshin Impact esports tournament.

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This was announced by the official account of the UK National Student Esports Agency, and the competition will be broadcast by GinxTV with a total prize pool of £11,000.

In addition to cash prizes, participants will receive a variety of exclusive prizes, from primogems to a variety of limited-edition merchandise. 10 Universities in London will participate in eSports.

Source: IGN
In addition to the main news in this article, the KotGa Crew has an interesting discussion that you can watch in the video below.

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