5 July 2022
Naruto is one of the anime series that many anime fans watch. Although Naruto graduated a few years ago, the Naruto from Konoha found his place on the day of Jamesey Bolivar Maribojo, a 29-year-old Filipino man.

Maribojo’s first child was born in June 2020, and he decided to name his son Naruto Uzumaki. “At first, no one believed it was his full name because I kept calling him Naruto. A lot of people asked me if that was his real name,” Mariboho said.

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Source: Somoskudasai

The reason is simple, he has been a big fan of Konoha Ninja since the beginning. He also added that Naruto is about a boy who grew up without a family. Since he is a single parent and takes care of the child alone, he decided to name his son “Naruto”, which was approved by his ex-wife before the separation.

However, because he was not satisfied with only Naruto, he added the surname of Naruto’s mother, Uzumaki Kushina and Naruto’s father, the fourth Hokage of Naikaze Minato. So the child’s name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze P. Maribojo.

Maribojo’s own family is against this because his son is named after the anime. In addition, the family is also worried that the child will have difficulty writing his name in the future. In addition, he plans to name his second son, Naruto’s rival Sasuke.

Source: Somoskudasai