16 May 2022

Final Fantasy 14 may not be a game with an extensive character customization system, but it still has a broad creative community. Whether it’s enchanting system-wide, or installing unofficial cosmetic mods for Final Fantasy 14.

Role-playing as various pop culture characters has long been a staple of the Etheirys world, such as when Final Fantasy 14 players dressed up as Colonel Sanders and randomly appeared on Eorzea alongside his nemesis.

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Between female Roegadyn actors wearing the best costumes of Ms. Dimitresscu in Resident Evil, or male Lalafell players doing their best to imitate the titular protagonist Super Mario – cosplay glamour is a kind of Fun creativity exercise.

A recent example is the Doctor Strange cosplay created by michaeljeff2, a Reddit user who shares his costume with the Final Fantasy 14 community on Reddit. The extravagance manifests itself in the Hyur (human) character, whose active work is undoubtedly the scholar to maximise the strange reading spell of the book of Vishanti.

Sage and Summoner seem like the perfect choice for players looking to take their roleplaying in a different direction.

Source: Gamerant

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