18 May 2022

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be released around late September 2022.This is from the financial report web proxy, which says the game will be released within the current fiscal year. However, there is no further information on the release date.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will abbreviate the original title, along with other games in the expanded Final Fantasy VII universe, for mobile devices. Players will have the opportunity not only to play Final Fantasy VII on their smartphones with a new visual style, but also to play games like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. It will also include the first official English localization of Pre-Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. Here is a compilation of these games. According to Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura, Ever Crisis will “connect the events of each game in the Final Fantasy VII universe”.

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Additionally, Ever Crisis will feature a “free to play” story chapter. That said, the game will contain gacha elements. This includes weapons distribution. Each weapon will have its own unique gimmick. There are also potential plans to distribute clothing through this same system. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be released on Android and iOS devices in late September 2022.
Source: Siliconera

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