21 May 2022

Wenda was stunned! Windah Basudara Try to play the passionate divine game, Destiny Girl!

Brando Franco Windah or Windah Basudara as we usually call it is a content creator and streamer on the YouTube platform. This unique act of Lord Brando makes everyone from young people to adults enjoy watching Windah Basudara content.

This time, Windah Basudara tried to play a game that could be called “Yabai”, or “Brutal” as Windah Basudara calls it. There’s no denying that this game is full of beautiful, cute, sweet, handsome grandmothers. But when he opened the game, Windah Basudara accidentally spat out his drink because he was surprised when he saw the *waw* loading screen. Windah Basudara seems to be confused about where he is playing, then closes the game, then reopens the game. Instead of being curious, watch the video below!

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The mobile idle RPG game “Destiny Girl” has officially opened its public beta on Google Play and App Store since April 19. Destiny Girl is a fantasy adventure RPG game where hunters take the form of beautiful sexy girls, ready to accompany you to fight dragons.
Source: YouTube Vndaba Sudhara

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