News: Enter the world of fashion! Citayam Fashion Week is over

News: Enter the world of fashion! Citayam Fashion Week is over
The glamorous mobile adventure game Fashion Dream is finally available globally on Google Play and the App Store. Here, players can realize their dream world, make new friends from all over the world, and look stylish.

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Fashion Dream offers over 10,000 garments to choose from. Players can take on unique appearances as fairies, royalty or even policewomen. In various runway competitions, contestants can compete against each other to be at the forefront of fashion.

The Dress Up Arena will be unlocked in Season 1. Here, players can compete with each other, show their style, and strive to become the most fashionable queen in the fashion industry. Tournament mode is also available for players to show off their items and skills.

News: Enter the world of fashion! Citayam Fashion Week is over

Every player who joins will also have a chance to win a total of 100 free draws and invite friends to play together. For this, players will be rewarded with clothing worth $10.

This PvP game is designed to draw players into a beautiful world. Fashion Dream invites players to enter a world of social interaction and fashion games, allowing players to collect beautiful clothing collections, style head-to-toe looks, take part in photo shoots and performances, and meet others who share the same passion.

Fashion Dreams via download google play and app Store.

Apart from this news, there is a lot of exciting content on the KotakGame YouTube channel. check it out!