News: Boxing Star: KO Master Launches 4 Indonesian Boxing Care Programs

News: Boxing Star: KO Master Launches 4 Indonesian Boxing Care Programs
Boxing Star: KO Master has run a CSR program that will work with the Chris John Foundation more than 10 times in a row.

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Majamojo, publisher of Boxing Star: KO Master, has launched a series of CSR initiatives aimed at raising the dignity of Indonesian boxers by partnering with national boxing legend Chris John.

With the release of Boxing Star: KO Master on 18th August 2022 on Google Play and the App Store, Majamojo hopes to inspire the boxing world in Indonesia again. History records proud achievements and the names of the nation’s legendary boxers.

News: Boxing Star: KO Master Launches 4 Indonesian Boxing Care Programs

Some of the projects that will be targeted include the construction of boxing gyms, auditions and selections, and selection of talented athletes in the area to ensure boxing’s presence. Including the welfare of the national boxers who have made great contributions.

The basic concept of the CSR program to be implemented can be in the form of donations; i.e. raising funds in the form of scholarships based on a percentage of Majamojo’s profits during the year; projects aimed at improving the quality of young boxers and the welfare of good old boxers; then employee volunteering , clean up the boxing gym together; including PARTICIPANT EVENT, which invites users to contribute to Boxing Stars: KO Masters at various events via social media.

The realization of the first CSR initiative, the synergy between Mamamojo and the Chris John Foundation, will soon be realized in the last quarter of the year.

Boxing Star: KO Masters has completed the pre-registration period (July 14 to August 17, 2022), including the limited CBT period that officially ends on August 2.

Get ready to become Indonesia’s boxing champion and boxing star: KO Master!