5 July 2022

Sony has announced its decision to skip Gamescom 2022 as the list of publishers not attending the popular annual convention in Cologne, Germany continues to grow. In a statement to German publication Games Wirtschaft, Sony revealed that they will not be attending Gamescom this year, while also confirming that there will be no PlayStation-based announcements during Geoff Keighley’s opening night livestream.

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Gamescom 2022 will take place in Cologne from August 24th to 28th, both online and offline. The event will kick off live at Gamescom’s opening night on August 23rd. It will then open to professional audiences, media and content creators on August 24, followed by four days of public access for ticket holders.

Previously, Nintendo, Take-Two and Activision Blizzard had announced that they would not be participating in the event. But for Microsoft’s decision, there is still no decision. Granted, the news that Sony is skipping Gamescom is something many might have expected, as PlayStation has been known to skip a lot of major gaming events over the past few years and focus more on state-of-play streaming.

Source: IGN

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