16 May 2022
Apex Legends Mobile, a new Apex Legends experience built exclusively for mobile platforms, will launch globally on May 17 for Android and iOS devices.

Apex Legends Mobile presents its own experience based on the core gameplay of Apex Legends, but also presents some new things such as game modes, social systems and various functions that can be played on mobile phones.

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The development of this high-speed shooter is focused on the competitive aspect, and it was developed for mobile devices by showcasing many features and innovations created specifically for mobile devices.

In addition to announcing a global release date, Electronic Arts also revealed a new promotional video for the film showing what The Syndicate has in store for Legends in Apex Legends Mobile.

As a reminder, players still have time to pre-register and help the community unlock rewards for next week’s release.

Apex Legends Mobile is also still open for pre-registration to unlock prizes that will be given to players at the global launch.

Especially in the release in Indonesia, EA has also made video trailer The theme of Wayang was brought up as an appreciation for homegrown players as a symbol of the imminent “birth” of Apex Legends Mobile.

join pre-registration here.

Source: Electronic Arts Press Release

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