News: 18 countries join loot crate system in battle game

News: 18 countries join loot crate system in battle game

18 countries join the battle in-game loot box system

News: 18 countries join loot crate system in battle game

After previous reports that the Netherlands and Belgium banned the existence of Diablo Immortal because it contained loot boxes, this time it was Norway’s turn to try to counter the presence of loot boxes in the game. More precisely, a Norwegian body called the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) is trying to get aid from European countries to fight the Loot Box in the game.

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The campaign was immediately supported by at least 18 countries that were also battling Loot Boxes in the game because they were suspected of having a gambling component.In fact, the NCC doesn’t hesitate to say that the Loot Box is a manipulative concept that exploits consumers

According to Finn Myrstad, head of digital legal, the sale and display of loot boxes often exploits consumers through dangerous mechanisms, creating addictions and targeting vulnerable consumers.

There’s no confirmation from the various big game companies that often play this loot box element, like EA or Blizzard.
Source: IGN
In addition to the main news in this article, the KotGa Crew has an interesting discussion that you can watch in the video below.


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