Netflix’s Resident Evil franchise dominated by negative reviews, as predicted

Netflix’s Resident Evil franchise dominated by negative reviews, as predicted

Compared to what’s considered a solid franchise in the survival horror genre, the name Resident Evil doesn’t actually make a good impression on the live-action animated adaptation. Shortly after the release of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, it fell short of expectations and is now showing fans the live-action Netflix series that has aired since last week.

As predicted long ago, the Netflix version of the Resident Evil series was dominated by many negative reviews.We have checked the pages of the series on the website such as rotten tomatoes, IMDB, also metacriticism All of this is full of low scores, especially from fans. Of course, anyone can create an account and comment on these sites without providing proof they’ve seen it, but on the other hand, the response to the movie has been overwhelming since the trailer and the first trailer. Oops.

The main problem with this Netflix adaptation is that the storyline has little connection to the source material. The only thing associated with Resident Evil is the presence of classic monsters like Umbrella and Licker. The survival horror genre, which focuses on zombie outbreaks, has been used in a variety of media, but Resident Evil stands out due to the unique nature of the story and the involvement of fan-favorite characters from across the series. Not following the original book correctly has indeed become the main reason for the failure of game adaptation movies, especially “Resident Evil”, which gives people a feeling of being cursed, and it is always difficult to respond to the expectations of the media.

If you’re curious about Netflix’s Resident Evil franchise, it offers the story itself centered on the character of Jade Wesker who survived the deadly virus outbreak at the Umbrella Corporation. Jump to 2036, or 14 years after tragedy to be precise, and Jade still has to face her long struggle to survive in a world still terrorized by bloodthirsty zombies. The first season itself contains 8 episodes, which you can watch now through the Netflix streaming platform.


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