NetEase Rumored to Acquire Complete Developer Detroit: Become Human

NetEase Rumored to Acquire Complete Developer Detroit: Become Human

It is increasingly evident that NetEase Game Development Company is serious about developing high-quality games. In addition to the formation of several new developers such as Sakura Studio and Nagoshi Studio, led by former Yakuza creators, they are also increasingly aggressive in acquiring other well-known developers. Following the acquisition of Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio behind No More Heroes, there are new rumors that they will acquire Quantic Dream.

This information was first spread by renowned source Tom Henderson through his new article computer. He reported that NetEase Games will acquire 100 percent ownership of Quantic Dream, which has been in talks over the past few months. It is unclear whether the two sides have reached an agreement, but the relationship between the two has been good over the past few years, especially after NetEase invested heavily in Quantic Dream in 2019 to support the development of its new business. game.

For those who may not have heard, Quantic Dream is embroiled in controversy over poor work conditions, such as harassment and crunches. With the NetEase acquisition, there is a good chance that the studio will undergo an overhaul to improve the work environment, making it more desirable and positive. With the announcement of the new game “Star Wars Eclipse”, it will be very interesting whether the NetEase name will appear as the official game publisher in the future.

As we mentioned above, now NetEase’s commitment to strengthening the team is getting concrete evidence. While they have yet to release a high-quality console game, there are already several large game projects covering different genres in active development. If they can maintain their ambitions well while fully supporting each of their studios, NetEase has the potential to start becoming the dominant AAA game company in the market.

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