Mobile RPG ‘Re:ZERO Infinity’ sure to be released on Android and iOS soon

Mobile RPG ‘Re:ZERO Infinity’ sure to be released on Android and iOS soon

Level Infinite is finally back, and an update to the mobile game Re:ZERO Infinity is poised to release in the near future. They confirmed that the game will launch on Android and iOS on October 13, and all players can look forward to various pre-registration prizes, such as rainbow stones for gacha and 4-star weapons.

Additionally, to add to the pre-release enthusiasm, the developers uploaded a special video song titled “My Proof” dedicated to Emilia. Each song itself is sung directly by the original voice actress Takahashi Rie. On October 2, there will be a new video song called “Two Colors”, this time featuring twins Rem and Ram.

Regarding the game itself, “Re:ZERO Infinity” is a mobile role-playing game with strategic real-time gameplay that you may often encounter on the market. Battles involve the main team of three of your favorite characters against waves of enemies that become increasingly challenging with each level. Each character is outfitted with special abilities that combine to grow combos before ending with a cinematic ultimate attack. At the same time, the content of the story will still be directly adapted from the anime series, with the participation of the original voice actors.

So as with the information above, Re:ZERO Infinity is scheduled to release on Android and iOS on October 13th, but please note that its availability only covers Japan.You can view more complete details and pre-register on the official website here.

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