MAPPA silences criticism of Chainsaw Man anime with first episode preview

MAPPA silences criticism of Chainsaw Man anime with first episode preview

There’s always a comic that explodes and generates a lot of hype, especially when it gets an animated adaptation from a well-known studio. That’s what Chainsaw went through, and before it came out, there was all sorts of controversy, whether it was the voice actors or the CGI animation before the first episode aired.

Speaking of animation and CGI quality, Chainsaw Man just showed off a preview of the first episode, and it was fantastic. It’s just a teaser, but it’s been discussed a lot on social media because it showcases solid looking animation and CGI quality, doesn’t it? As criticized some time ago.

However, with the release of this latest preview, all those criticisms have been put to rest. Almost all fans are very positive to see that the quality of animation and CGI is very solid. All the bloody action is uncensored, which is a good step taken by MAPPA.

Regarding the series itself, Chainsaw Man tells the story of a young man named Denji, who lives in poverty and becomes a demon hunter by handing over the corpses of demons he hunted to Yakuza in order to pay off his father’s debt. His life changed forever when his body merged with the corpse of his pet dog, Pochita. Then he lived in a big city and became a member of the Demon Hunter organization.

The Chainsaw Man animation itself is set to air on October 12, and in the first episode we can actually judge how good the original is and can MAPPA be consistent for the next 12 episodes?

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