How to play Mobile Legends Grandmaster Rank with guaranteed wins

How to play Mobile Legends Grandmaster Rank with guaranteed wins
How to play Mobile Legends Grandmaster Rank with guaranteed wins

grandmaster is one of grade exist
mobile legend game Has a relatively large number of players.

do not like grade Down, grandmaster There are 5 levels (Grandmaster V – I), each with 5 stars.This means that it is possible to escape grandmaster, You must win at least 25 games without losing.

considering in grade You are starting to meet players who know how to play mobile legend Well, although the numbers are still small.

You won’t be able to see each other as often robotbecause
Grandmaster level
There are already many original players living here, so there will be very few
robot game time ranking.

past, Grandmaster Even become a hotbed for MMR jockeys to improve MMR points hero They are easy.Fortunately, now Moonton Changed the system for getting MMR so now Grandmaster GB MMR no longer resides.

Even so, you have to know some foolproof ways to escape this layer
grandmaster so that it can pass easily. Here is the discussion:

1. Use heroes who can lead the team

Tier Master still classified grade It’s easy for you to pass the ball because some players are grade It’s still new and most of them don’t know how to play
mobile legend Excellent.

So a way for you to escape
Grandmaster level fast, ready to use
hero – hero core become hurt dealer Important to your team.My suggestion to use hero Has rapid tillage capability and is equipped with damage Large, eg: Balmond, Zilong, Roger, Yi Sun Shin, etc.

2. Focus on playing alone

because most Grand Master Player still classified
newbiethen all you have to do is focus on the mechanics
hero each of you. Don’t care about your teammates, keep farming, play smart with your intuition, and don’t get killed by the enemy.

If possible, find timing the right thing split push or take other targets such as turtles and lord agar gold Your team can outperform the enemy.

If teammates die, don’t blame them, don’t even look at them, let them play together Gameplay each of them.just stay focused hero You, because you are the team’s only hope of winning.

You also don’t have to worry about learning how to rotate and
team fight, because this knowledge can later be learned by you over time. The important thing is to focus on winning on your own terms.

3. Maximize objective benefits

I mentioned before that you should maximize objective gain as much as possible in order to get gold Your team is far superior to the opposing team.if play jungler (holder
Retribution), try to stay focused agriculture towards
jungle monster Reach level 4.

Oh yeah, it’s important to you guys jungler do not kill
minions in the first 5 minutes game occurred because of the acquisition
gold from minions Sharply reduced within the first few minutes.So just focus on killing jungle monster Gain experience in forest areas and gold to the maximum.

always try to get turtle and host Also let your teammates get extra gold go through immediate.

4. Finish the race as quickly as possible

his name is still there grandmasterabsolutely right playerHe really doesn’t understand the name defensive heights or play kill target host to do end Rapidly.

Well, that’s when you can easily take advantage of winning.Play as objectively as possible from the start so that
golden hero You are far ahead of your opponent.If that’s the case, then all you need to do is eradicate everything hero A brave enemy appears on your face.

if host It has already appeared, try to attack directly
host Is such that minions you have more motivation to do it push the turret, so that game You can win fast without waiting for stages late game.

5. Start the game aggressively

so that matchIt doesn’t last long and you should play as aggressively as possible because Early game to get as much profit as possible.don’t be afraid to do Invade the jungle to enemy territory, because most jungler exist Grandmaster Still don’t know how to rotate agriculture very good.

Also, try to maximize your profit kill since
early game. if hero you get kill A lot from the beginning.especially if Role us junglerthen victory will certainly be easier to obtain.

Even so, don’t be crazy about the harvest killcontinue to prioritize goals and benefits gold Make it easier for your team to dominate the game.


These are some of the ways you can get rid of
Level Master easily. Are there any methods you have successfully applied above? Or maybe some of you have another very efficient method? If yes, please write it in the comment box.



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