Genshin Impact x Sweets Paradise collaboration sparks food waste controversy

Genshin Impact x Sweets Paradise collaboration sparks food waste controversy

The dominance of Genshin Impact’s popularity over the past two years has been accompanied by a number of large-scale collaborative projects, one of the most talked-about projects being with food brands, especially in China and Japan. Japanese bakery band Sweets Paradise’s collaboration with Genshin Impact is pretty routine, but who would have thought this new event would spark a rather unfortunate controversy.

Through reports from several visitors to the Cafe Sweets Paradise in Japan, which is currently working with Genshin Impact, they found cases of food waste such as cakes and beverages, most of which were not even touched at all. With this kind of cooperation, the visitor’s priority is to just want to get exclusive merchandise, so they end up not eating the cake ordered or just taking a photo, if the reason why the visitor doesn’t eat it is obviously impossible because the cake offered is not tasty, because At least they must have tasted at least a little.

Posts from Twitter users @sumasumagengen The above immediately went viral in Japan, with a lot of criticism for the treatment of tourists. This is especially true for staff who strive to provide the best dishes, but their dishes end up being completely untouched.According to media reports J-CAST, The food waste incident occurred at the Mode branch of the Academy Spiral in Sweets Paradise. More than 500 tourists placed their orders at the time, so it was difficult for the staff to find out who had abandoned their orders. Hopefully this worrying incident can be a lesson, especially for those concerned.

Speaking of collaborations with food brands, Genshin Impact’s recent collaboration with Pizza Hut in China has once again aroused irrepressible enthusiasm. Affected by the crowd, the Pizza Hut branch and X Yuanshen store on Gongti North Road are temporarily closed.

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Genshin Impact x Sweets Paradise collaboration sparks food waste controversy

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